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Birthday Trip!

The best trip that I have ever had was on my birthday, which was about a month ago.

The best trip that I have ever had was on my birthday, which was about a month ago. First I will tell you about the status of the friends that I shroomed with:
Me: Shroomed once before, smoked weed, drank.
Bradley: Never done anything before except drank! Haha!
Stan: Total Druggie, he's done coke, meth, and a shitload of pills, and of course weed and alcohol... such a dumbass...
Alex: Not really sure... somewhere inbetween me and Stan.
Anyways, for my birthday, a bunch of my friends and I went to an Expendables concert at the Catalyst. It was awesome, and after Stan bought some shrooms from a friend he saw there... He asked if I wanted to shroom for my birthday and of course I said ya. He invited his friend Alex and somehow I talked Bradley into trying it... Ha! I have no fucking idea how I did that!!!
We decided to go to Bradley's house cuz his parents were gone somewhere. We ate about three fat pieces each and Bradley was being a stupid little twat, he was all complaining about how bad they tasted, and he drank a ton of milk for some stupid reason...
After about fifteen minutes, it began to hit me. We were talking in the kitchen and the lights seemed to change color and each color had a smell and it was really thick in the air in front of my face. Bradley was tweaking out - he kept standing up and sitting down and taking his shirt off... Stan and Alex were laughing and their laughs would fill the air in front of my face again and it felt like noise was pressing against my ears.
Alex decided that we should watch a movie, so we went in the living room and I flopped on the couch and I was staring at the cieling and tripping out on it. You know how some kinds of walls have lines and shapes in the paint coat? Ya, well the cieling had about a billion of them and they were all twitching and squirming and getting darker and lighter and it felt like the cieling was moving slowly towards me and the pressure in the room was really high. It felt like I was underwater, the air was so thick! Stan came and sat next to me which kind of distracted me from the air.
The next thing I remember was Alex turning off the lights and we were all watching Fantasia 2000. Wow. I tripped. Bradley has a widescreen TV (rich little shit) so it was that much more intense. The scene where that green flying chick is being chased by the lava was so weird - it felt like she was flying in and out of the screen and into the room. Everything was swirling, and I couldn't tell the difference between color and sound. One thing that I really remember was that the red lava sounded so loud and whenever it filled the screen, the room would light up red and I thought it was really hot... Oh my god... The classical music kept getting louder and I kept telling people to turn the volume down but nobody moved.
At that point I stopped watching the movie and started focusing on the room - I thought that everyone was turned into rocks and they couldn't move, and I kind of tweaked... Stan told me later that I jumped up and stumbled out of the room and went into the kitchen. I turned on the light in the kitchen, but it was so bright, it hurt my eyes. They began to water and I turned it off. Then I remembered that I wanted water cuz I felt really dry, so I turned the light back on, changed my mind and turned it off, and changed my mind again and turned it back on until Stan yelled at me about ruining the movie cuz I kept flashing the light on and off, so I squinted my eyes and got some water. When I drank it, it was so cold and blue that I could feel it go into my stomach and my whole body got cold and wet and I looked at my skin and it looked blue and flat and it looked like each little crack of my skin was filled with water...
I went back into the other room and they were still watching the movie. It was really dark so I turned the light on and Stan and Alex were both all turn the fucking light off Douchebag! But all I cared about was that Bradley wasn't there! And I'm all hey guys, where's Brad? Guys? Guys? Brads gone, whered he go? Hey guys? I totally thought that he died or something...
They kept watching the movie so I walked into Bradley's room and I saw him asleep on his bed, so I was really relieved. I went back into the living room and layed down on the couch and listened to the classical music of Fantasia and finally fell asleep.

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