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Birth of Sevvoice

This takes me back.

This takes me back...

This is an account of my first trip. It was back in '95 before college and my assimilation into the wonderful world of weed. Back then, I was a senior in high school, preparing to graduate in the spring of '96.

I hung around with a pretty interesting bunch of guys in that we were the pillars of the community and leaders of the school and such but no one, well maybe a few suspected us of any of the things we used to do an experiment with.

Up until that time I had only smoked pot a couple of times. I was ready to graduate to tripping. But it had to be something organic. In fact I still play by that rule.

Me and a group of friends decided that we'd (I said weed!) make a day out of my first trip experience. They had all done LSD, peote(?), and mushrooms before, so in a sense, I was to be devirginized with a bunch of old pros.

We woke up early that morning, gave our parents BS reasons for being away all day and decended on our search for the friendly fungi. The hunt was a major part of the fun. We drove over 100 miles that day gathering shrooms from all surrounding areas. In the process we got lost, close to busted and shot at one time by some hick farmer.

At the end of our expedition, we were all anxious to do the do. We originally wanted to wait until the next day but we decided that since we had survived everything from suspicious cops to gunshots, that we'd (I said it again!) go ahead and live for the day.

We had no place of our own to cook them, so we broke into a friend of our's house who was with his parents out of town and cooked them in his kitchen. For some reason these people (my friend's family) always left their doors unlocked! So we didnt' actually break in as much as we trespassed!

After cooking, blending and cooking again, we mixed our make-shift tea into smoothies! Thirty minutes later, as the sun was setting I sat, with a belly ache, saying, "Man, this shit doesn't work! Y'all lied to me!" Little did I know, I was already tripping. After the initial joy and tom foolery that goes on with realizing that you're tripping your balls off, we went to a party. (Parties are the coolest place to go while tripping!)

During that night I managed to:
-read people's minds
-talk to trees and animals (with my mind)
-see people "morph" into animals
-witness people's aura's
-tell if people were lying to me
-see people divide into three multi-colored likenesses of themselves
-profess my love to a girl I hardly knew
-explain my theory of revolution of the universe (that was a great discussion)
-be one with the universe and realize that I am a universe
-pay way too much money for food, because I didn't understand my money (?)
-and create my theory on seven voices...

...You see, I concluded that I had seven voices in my head that must decide by majority vote before I make a decision. I later went on to make my moniker Sevvoice (I perform hip-hop poetry as an eMCee) to celebrate my elevated mindstate.

I still play with this theory on ocasion. Since then, I have moved on to college, smoked an ocean of weed, tripped a few more times and kept in touch with all of my highschool buds. In fact, one of them that I first tripped with is back in the states from his year of school in Spain and we're hooking up next week to go shrooming (after I finish with summer school!)

Have safe and happy trips people!

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