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Geeze that was cool

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MY GOD THAT WAS NUTS! That's about the only way to explain the feeling I had last night. I am a 13 year old boy, I might as well just lay that out first. I tripped with my friend "C" last night using fresh picked cubensis shrooms, (although the ones that i had were a bit rotten they still worked)

My preperation was that i made some tea, I thought it would help the nausea a bit. I put some rasberry tea bags and honey in it but it still tasted horrible. My brother "I" had made 3 jugs full for he and his friends yet his were fresh shrooms not rotten.

To start things off me and my friend drank the concoction of heaven(though it tasted like Sh**) we then just sat down and watched TV for maybe fifteen minutes before i started feeling anything. at first I could just tell a definate difference from reality. about ten minutes later we went to my room and i made a playlist of songs to play for the trip, wich didnt matter cause later my friend cut off my computer.

while we were in my room we were laughing at nothingat all and my friend started repeating one frase at least 3 times in every sentance, he kept saying in a frantic voice "this is really happening" over and over. I went to the bathroom and when i came out my friend said he saw a lepricaun running behind me. Then a blue hankerchief caught my eye, it was amazing, it was real bright and shiny and patterns were all over it, my friend said something to me, i cant remember what, and i just told him to look at the hankerchief, he did for maybe ten seconds the he wanted to go to my brothers room so we did but he kicked us out. we went to my room again and i decided i wanted to go swimming, so i did and it was cool as hell. i couldn't tell the difference between the water or the air i wanted my friend to get in but he said no, so i just started to get out but i decide not to get out yet so i just fell backwards back in the pool. then i really got out and decided i wanted to go to briggs our local elementary school so i went and got changed and told my brother, and me and my friend were off to a new world as we were walking a pizza car passed us and i just wanted to tell him about it so badly but he just drove by to deliver his pizza well we got to the grass in the playground and it felt amazing, i looked at a patch of sand and it looked like a desert so i walked over and stood on it, it was cool.

we got to the swings and started swinging as i looked forward i though i was in a desert i could see mist rolling over the ground and everything, i wasnt really hallucinating cause i could still see things as they were but i could swear we were in a desert.

we then proceeded to walk home. as i looked at the road it looked like conveyor belts going in 3 different directions it was cool.

when we got home my bro couldn't wait so he got out one pitcher of tea and i got about one glass worth my friend maybe 2 my bro the rest. i then looked at the deer head and it looked so majestic on that wall just like it was a king or something. my brother wanted me to go away cause i was acting wierd, i geuss so but i didnt really care. we went to the main house(oh yeah we have two houses) and went upstairs and my brother started making a CD on Kazaa. the desk top looked so wierd it was all messed up (that was no halucination). then my parents got home and came upstairs and started talking to us i didn't pay attention at all, i was sitting on the floor restraining myself from grabbing my dads leg who was right in front of me. they went to bed and we went downstairs i sat in this chair and my whole body just felt like every atom of my self wanted to just split and go flying around. we then started watching Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and the pizza came i went to the kitchen and got a watermelon and preceeded to eat the whole piece, including the skin.we watched the movie ate pizza and i started coming down too quickly, i wanted more tea so did my friend but we didn't get any oh well. we finished the movie and the most fun vacation of my life ended, i still felt cool but not that cool. After effects went on for a few hours. That pretty much wraps it up for me.

If u are skeptical about shrooms don't be it's amazing, try it and you won't regret it, believe me i'm not lying.

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