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Big mad mushie farm

I took mushies for the first time when i was ten.

I took mushies for the first time when i was ten.My cousin gave me a bag of them an i munched the lot at one time.It was about a 15g bag. Iwas fucked up something awful. at first all i could see was tracers everywhere. then i suddenly felt like i was falling from a huge height.All i could see was giant mushies with faces and arms. I still felt like i was falling. then it all stopped and i was in a feild with no idea how i got there or where the hell i am.I wasn't trippin any more at that point i was really in a feild in the middle of nowhere. i finaly found a small village and phone my cousin. she came and pickced me up gave me a blowjob and dropped me of at my house.

by mojo

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