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beyond the grave

one night in the summer almost fall in canada i decieded to eat some mushrooms like the rest of us here.

one night in the summer almost fall in canada i decieded to eat some mushrooms like the rest of us here. now i'm a bit different i fasted for two nights and days before eating 6.2 grams of mush. let me tell you a bit about myself first i like to read don juans books and trying to figure what assemblege points mean so for the first 30 min i sat there staring at a candle. after a while of going up and down i couldn't feel my legs. now the state of mind i was in already was pretty far out there i mean the walls were alredy breathing for me before i ate the mushrooms and if that wasn't enough the anticipation of 6gs were on the way. i laid back on my bed staring at the ceiling watch spirals twist and turn. 20 min latter got up and went outside walking through my house with some kind of bubble around me went outside to look at the stars. i expected to see something really cool but when i got out there to look at them it was even cooler the spirals were back this time the stars were twisting and turning you'd know which pattern i'm talking about if you saw them. you know picture frames along with the wind and the trees. i thought this was the highest i was going to get but sure enough you know. so i went back inside talked to my sister or should i say started at eachother she knew. then a girl called here's the tricky part because this is when they really started to kick in. what should i do stay and look at the stars or contemplate what just happened so i did i contemplated what just happened for 30 min. after i couldn't decide to walk or take a car but someone was blocking my car so off i went on my own two feet. down the street back 100 feet stream line of thoughts skip ahead 200 feet look at the street watch swerve in and out with cars doing a happy little skip on the way. almost half way seamed like 2 hours lucky i didn't drive because i forgot the rest. out of the body back at my place in my sister's car she came to pick me up and drive me there and back. you know once i got back i wasn't sober oh no i thought i died and knew where i was going just woke up in a brand new dream. the easiest way to describe what i was seeing and experiecning was with a song and a dance the movie "waking life" you now the one with the kid who died then went around and talked to a bunch of people. also the artist van gogh and his creative strokes of the paint brush and very trippy apeal. the wind made the trees look like they were howling you ever been to beyond faces in the trees. i mean the stars were so close it felt like i could go there and the moon was so big and yellow like cheese well you can't describe it van gogh.i totally got busted by my folks they didn't care my dad said try to go back and remember what it was like when i was 10 nice guy wasn't having a bad trip though. it sure did feel like everyone knew what happened and were proud of me kinda trip strange. would i do it again i would. the end

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