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Beyond Language

I had found a very nice colony of fresh grown cubensis in the mound of cow shit that was always there.

I had found a very nice colony of fresh grown cubensis in the mound of cow shit that was always there. I filled a gallon zip-lock bag with no room to spare. We ( 6 total ) were more-less experts at tripping. We had been beshroomed on many occasions before. We were all at the apartment of my best friends' girlfriend. We boiled all of the shrooms in one pot which contained about 3 cups of water. The fucking pot was stuffed with shrooms. We toasted and went back to our little party mode. Not twenty minutes later my best friend started throwing up. And it wasn't long before I did either. It wasn't an intense purging but I still threw up. That was the first time I had ever vomited on shrooms. Everyone started vomiting. When I stood up, finished from vomiting IT HIT ME!!!!! I knew what was coming so I grabbed my girlfriend and told her that we have to leave to go home. My best friend was crying begging for me not to leave him. I was really going under by then. But we had a little drive ahead of us so we left befor it got too bad. My girlfriend was driving pretty well except when she stopped dry on the highway. "I can't drive," she said. By then I was so far beyond words. Eventually I talked her into getting us home. She did. We had some friends follow us to our house to continue the party. By the time I had walked in the door I was more fucked up then I had ever been in! my entire lifetime.

I didn't know what to do. The intensity just kept doubling every second. The first thing I thought of was that I had picked the wrong shrooms. I kept telling myself that this wasn't true. Let me TRY to explain to you what I percieved. First of all time and reality showed up but had left a long time ago. I was holding time. The floor in which I couldn't get up from was my crib. I went back to my birth. I was as helpless as a baby. I suddenly got a thought that this was so far beyond where I had once gone before that I got scared. My girlfriend at the time had a little girl. I BELIEVED WITH ALL OF MY SOUL that I had ruined everyones mind. I did this. I had read that if you got to the hospital on time they could put you to sleep with something. Maybe make things better somehow. So here I am trying to call the ambulance. No one is letting me though. I am crying because I thought I ruined my girlfriend's mind. Believing that her little girl wouldn't ever have a! mother again.

I went to the toilet trying to rid my body of the stuff I had drank, But nothing would come up. No one would let me use the phone. I severly needed to go to the hospital and I thought every one else needed to go also. I punched my friend because he wouldnt let me use the phone. I was sooooooooooooo fucked up. My soul was compacted into nothing. I could of eaten everyone. I believed that with every second wasted that would be one more second we wouldn't be able to do anything. Such a bad trip. My friends left without me even noticing, so it was just me and my girlfriend. I kept hollering that we needed to go to the hospital ASAP so they could inject us with some potent sedatives or antipsychotics. I ran out of the house and locked myself inside of my truck and called the ambulance with my girlfriend beating on the window. The ambulance came and they checked my blood pressure which was fine. I realized that I was alright waiting for the ambulance to come because I was talking to myself and not tripping as hard. How ironic. Time never existed in this experience and I believe that it never exists in these experiences. I had practically tore the house apart trying to use the phone. Fought with my friend. Choked my girlfriend. And embarrased my self completely. What doesn't kill you makes you smarter right? I had managed to do all of this for an incredible five straight hours. I thought 20 minutes had gone by. About an hour later a single cop came by. I guess he was interested in what had happened. I am completely sane now. I haven't done shrooms since but I will do it again.

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