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Best/Worse trip in 1

Me and my good buddies one sat.

Me and my good buddies one sat. night when to my friends farm for a night of tripping. I dosed 4 hits of LSD along with my friends the others were tripping boomers. We dosed right as the sun was going down so went for a walk to smoke a few bowls. After the walk we went back to our base camp area with the fire to sitdown and let the trip take hold. It started great we sat in a circle and would say silly sentences that made no sense and laughed our heads off. Then we just sat in silence together with the fire crackling feeling our vibes. After each one hit us we'd describe it and wait for the next. Our senses then highetend and i can recall all of us forming together into a ball of yellow energy and soaring through the universe, truely amazing. Somesense of me got a little scared after that not because of what happend, but because i felt that if we would have kept going it would have lead too a blissful death. It was an instinctive feeling.
That wave of the trip was over and we went for a walk on the farm. The dirt was freshly turned and felt like moon dirt. We soon turn too the sky while standing in the middle of a dirt field and watched what we thought were spirits whisping around. Then the clouds formed into many faces and would talk to us through vibes. I remember one that seemed to lift us like we were levitating drawing us closer to it. After awhile we went back to the fire and sat down again to smoke another bowl. Then we went for another walk. This time it was different. Divine voices were being spoken through us. And about 5minutes into the walk all of the sudden my brain turned to confetti and i could not process anything. I could try and say somthing but it would come out as uuhh,urhm uh nevermind. I was forgetting what i was saying instantly and it began to drive me mad. Then thoughts in my head started to do that and it was difficult to understand anything. My trip spiraled down from there i started getting frustrated and angry with my friends i was so confused. It seemed there was nothing i could do.. By the end i was like screw the fire screw this... My friends to this day give me shit for it cuz apparently it was funny to watch. Although they were being supportive the entire time. Then the shroomers came down and we tried to go to bed. I just had an uncomfortable time trying to sleep closing my eyes only seeing fractals, sleep was impossible. Like im just supposed to lay down and go unconcious? hah so strange. But since that night which was the first time ive had a bad trip like that ive had flashbacks some good some bad and its made me very apprehensive to trip again for awhile. Although in recent weeks i have found unerstanding and meaning for much of what happend and i think i am in the right mind state to trip again.

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