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best trip ever

Me and buddy got a hold of some boomers and decided we'd both eat an eight.

Me and buddy got a hold of some boomers and decided we'd both eat an eight. We were going to just go on an adventure and just trip walking around, but my friend saw us and said we could go into his house and trip, but he had to go out for a little bit and he'll be back. As we waited for the comeup we sat outside his garage and the entire house started waving in and out we both looked at each other and said were trippin. My friend came back let us in and basically left reality. I sat in his bathroom staring at this wallpaper popping out at me going from 3-d, then 2-d, then when i touched it would bend away from me and kept trying to touch it cuz it looked so damn close. The floor was circling around like it was turning really fucking fast and it had these weird ass eyes staring at me going in a circle. I stayed in there and locked myself in the bathroom and picked up a comb turned off the lights and everything in the room went glow in the dark, i could see an outline of everything. I started writing my name in the walls with the comb i wrote bigger and bigger and laughed my ass off as i did it because i couldnt believe i was writing on the walls with a comb. i opened the door and tried to communicate and tell them to come look but all that came out was YEH. i walked out into the kids room and just started laughing my ass of and the other kid that was tripping was laughing too. I was so gone that i could not communicate with anyone i tried talking but nothing came out i would walk around and say jiberish. We went under his porch and for some reason i wanted noone to to talk to me i would say like NO TALK ME INSIDE and i would kind of scream it. The porch leads outside and it was very bright out everything looked like it was pixalated and just waving at me. There was this wall about 4 feet tall, but the wall looked as if it was 100 feet tall and i was hovering over it. I would smack it as hard as i could and it wouldnt brake i was so confused over it i wanted it to break, but it wouldnt. My friends would ask me what the fuck was i doing all i could say to them was LOOK or YEH or SHHH like i was figuring out something. I was scared shitless of water i started playing with this hose and my friend turned on the hose i screamed and hid in the stairs and said FUCK NO WATER NO. I remember every single event in this because i basically seperated myself from the group. Every minute i began tripping harder and harder until i was just a body that i couldnt control. I would walk around the house touching everything and breaking a shit load of stuff and saying UH OH every two seconds. I thought that i was on some sort of mission for everything that i was doing and when my friends tried to talk to me i would basically tell them to shutup and in my head i thought if they talked to all the beatufil shit that i saw would just dissapear. Eventually me and my other tripping friend had to leave and had to walk allllll the way home which in reality took only 10 minutes, but it felt as if it took 2 hours to walk home. We were staring into the sky like two dumbfucks and people would honk at us and shit, but we didnt give a shit. We would walk like we were connected to strings and were being controlled. This was the hardest i have ever tripped and the longest i tripped for like 7 hours, but the peak was just the greatest thing i have ever experienced, but i cannot explainhow it looked, felt. Everything was so colorful and full of life i loved every minute of the trip and i don't think i could OUTTRIP it.

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