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best day of my entire life

Im not sure how the levels work but im just putting 5 cause i think most ppl will oto 5, anywho.

Im not sure how the levels work but im just putting 5 cause i think most ppl will oto 5, anywho.

me and a bunch of friends (i wont name em all cause there were alot, only the important ones) Spencer, Jeff, Rory, Jeremy, Chris. got some shrooms from a local dealer, and ate them, we chewed em and swallowed em while sucking the juice out. I have no idea what happned until a SPENCER came over and put the movie "SAW" in, (lol bad idea) i sat watching saw for a bit then JEFF started beat boxing, i listened to him for a while then watched saw again. Then the movie started going to the neat boxing (the beat boxing had been long stopped) the movie kept moving in and out, and rewinding and fast forwording with the beat box (it was amazing) then RORY suggested that we go on a 711 run (to get food) I jumped at the suggestion because i wanted to experience outside on mushrooms. we walked put the door into my hallway, and stood there for like 5 minutes laughing and sitting there. We wtn outside and the night (btw we ate em at like 9:00) kept chaing to day, it was one of the most amazing things i had ever felt. We then walked to 711 and on the way there i kept falling behind and running ahead with out even noticing, it scared me cause all of a usdden my friends Jeremy and Rory were gone or far ahead of me. as i was behind them a red spports car drove by and the grill opened up and said "Hi kyle how are you doing" this didnt even freak me out, i replyed "im tripping on mush" as it drove away. We made it to 711 and i sat outside, because i was afraid the ppl inside would cath me (i was tripping really bad) i sat against the glass and it felt like i was part of the glass, i got scared at something i cant remember and sat up and stared at the ground, I was sitting there for what felt like years and then RORY and JERMEY came out, i asked them who they were and they told me, i said "its been ages since ive seen you guys" and then they helped me up and we walked back to my house. On the way there a man ran past me speaking jibberish, while looking at me, when i asked them if they saw him they laughed and said "i am tripping way to bad to understand you" we arrived at my house, just in time to smoke a J, while my friend jeff was rolling it, i was wathcing him, the weed on the tavble began to move around and crawl on the table, this scared me and i turned away. I have no idea what happened for the next 2 hours but all of a sudden i was in my living room on the pc with my friend CHRIS, i have no idea what he was doing on the pc, or even if he was doing anything all i remember is that, the room melted away and i was sitting on the top of a moutain in the clouds. my feet were daningling in the "air". and then i have no idea what happened the rest of the night.

but i do know that it was the best night of my entire life. i ams o overjoyed with thats night. It was amazing, beautiful, out of conrtoll, and i loved it...

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