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MRCA Tyroler Gluckspilze
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Being God

I opened the large bag and took out what I eyed out to be about five grams of Psilocybe cubensis.

I opened the large bag and took out what I eyed out to be about five grams of Psilocybe cubensis. One of the caps was rather large -much larger than a $0.50 piece. I put them in a smaller bag and saved them for later.
I now eyed up about 700 mg of Ketamine. I ingested about 300 mg and about 3 grams of the mushrooms. 30 minutes passed, and I ingested the rest of the mushrooms. About five minutes later, I saw a small oval light, about the size of a quarter. I was about five or six feet in the air. It made its way down to level ground, and I was transformed into a world of kaleidoscopic colors and patterns.
I began to look out into the distance and saw what appeared to be a face. At first it was only an eye. Then a nose and a moth, and finally the other eye. It was trying to tell me something, but I couldn't tell what. It's expression was difficult to distinguish. At first it looked happy, but then it was just a face. I could tell that considerable effort was put just to make itself visible.
I leaned back down and realized my eyes were not open. I could see very clearly, more clearly than I ever could, all the different shapes and colors. I was inside my brain -or at least I thought. I could tell the difference from all the various chemicals and enzymes excreting from all the different glands. Each chemical would induce a different thought or feeling to the receptor that it would come in contact with.
Everything was so clear. I could see and feel each of the endless colors. What I could see were no longer patterns, but they were structures. I could see and feel all the way around and inside them; all of them at the same time. I was one with everything. And everything was one with me. I opened my eyes, and I was outside and inside of the actual building was in. I was part of the wall and part of the people. I was part of time and part of space. I was time and I was space. I was all there was, and all there would ever will be. One would say I was a god. He'll, I'll say it

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