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Funny Shit

I've done shrooms a few times before, and this was not an intense trip at all, but i think i laughed more than i ever have.

I've done shrooms a few times before, and this was not an intense trip at all, but i think i laughed more than i ever have. Im a small girl, about 105pnds. and only 5'3. I did it with my boyfriend and our 2 other guy friends all of whom are much bigger than me. I fist ate 1.5grams and after a while i realized i could handle more so i took the rest, making it 3.5 grams in total. I have blacklights and a blacklight poster that has this big, colourful mushroom on it with all these othe trippy designs. It looked sooo awesome, i just couldnt stop staring at it. Everything was moving around and i was seeing little colours and shapes everywhere like i always do. My one friend ive never done shrooms with turned out to be the funniest guy ever and had us all howling all nite. We were all laughing so hard that we were crying histerically and our faces felt soaked all night. We watched the movie "Elf" ive watched it on shrooms before and its reeeally funny for the first 30min because its kinda animated with talking animals and shit. It was cracking us up, and just made the atmosphere for the night all that much funnier. my name is Gwen, and in the movie there was a talking penguin. I pointed out that u could say "PenGwen" and for the rest of the nite, thats wat they called me, and we found it hilarious. I have a calico cat that has circles in her fur pattern, and wen i picked her up she was so trippy looking. I was coming down by this point and I felt so weak, that even this tiny cat felt to heavy for me to carry. At this point everything was making me giggle uncontrollably for some reason. When she was eating I started nudging her tail to each side with my foot, because I found it so amusing that each time she just curled it around her again. I was laughing so hard, and after about the 20th time,finally she had enuf. She turned around and as she did this a piece of cat food flew across the room and I was convinced she threw it at me. This made me laugh even harder. Then we smoked a joint, which brings your buzz back a little, and everything was moving around a little again. I was tired and decided to go to bed. As me & my boyfriend lay there in the dark, the ceiling/walls looked as if they were moving and coming in on us. We just layed there laughing our asses off and talking about fucked up stuff. He fell asleep, but i was wide awake. I lay there in the deepest thought I have ever been in, I thought about things in so much more depth that I started to get depressed..not good. I felt like i had life all figured out. I cant really explain it now, but all i know was i felt my existence was not important at all and i was actually thinking about suicide. I have never, ever been suicidal before, but it felt so strong at that moment I began bawling my eyes out for a good hour or so. Time had no meaning to me, and i lay there crying and crying, nothing felt real to me, as i looked at my hands i wasnt even sure if they were really there or not. it started to get light out, it was around 7am and i had to wake my boyfriend up before i literally went insane. He wasnt to happy, as he was exhausted & disoriented, not understanding that I was actually seriously depressed. He kept falling bak asleep and i realized i was on my own. THis made me feel even more horrible and i felt like i wanted to die. I finally drifted off, and I hope that never happens to me again, does anyone know if u can do anything to keep yourself from feeling depressed after u come down off any drugs???

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