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BadTrip N BeanTown

What the hell, I guess it can't hurt to type up a trip report.

What the hell, I guess it can't hurt to type up a trip report. My first and only trip (so far) was maybe a month ago ('round may of 98). I'd say it was a level 5 trip, but then again, maybe everyone thinks their trips are level 5. The trip wasn't as pleasant as I'd hoped (the unpleasant factor was my own fault, I was stressin' too much about my girlfriend or my parents finding out). Heres the general description of the trip; I'd bought an 1/8 from a friend of mine (Friend1) the night before, and I was itchin' to eat them shrooms (unsure of the strain), and I figured my friends would find it amusing to watch me trip. While talking with a friend of mine (Friend2) on the fone, I grabbed my mushroom stash, tossed 'em in my mouth, and proceeded to grind. He warned me that I may have a gagging reflex, but to keep 'em down. Fortunately I found they didn't taste that bad, sort of like bitter stale popcorn. Friend2 said he'd come pick me up and trip-sit with me, so I hung up and waited for 'em to come over. I could just begin to feel a buzz/light headedness come on as he showed up at my door 20 minutes later. I called my girlfriend and told 'er that I was gonna hang out with my friends that night, and then we headed out the door. When we got in his truck he took out a bag and gave me a few stems from his own stash that he was selling, and once again I grinded. As we headed to his parent's house i noticed how clear and defined the sky and clouds were, and as always, I enjoyed staring at the sun. When we arrived at his house we headed for his room. After some convincing from Friend2 that smokin' a bowl would heighten my trip, I gave in and smoked as he loaded up some demos on his computer for my enjoyment. I sat back on his bed and watched them with awe, theres no better way to watch a demo than when you're stoned or tripping. After watching a couple of amazing demos, we went to Friend1's. Things are generally a bit hazy here, I don't remember alot. I remember walking down his stairs and seeing a puddle at the bottom. I said,"it'd be neat to jump in the puddle", and my friends said, "why don't you?" So, I jumped really hard and kicked at the water, oblivious to his neighbors/kids across the way. I ended up kicking up a bunch of water onto the people in front of me. It was rather humerous, but I don't think his neighbors appreciated. Then I went back inside and just kicked back on his couch, and at this point I was feeling really aggitated (maybe it was the dark smokey atmosphere with the reggae style music, I'm not sure). Friend2 was sitting on the couch and I was sort of laying on it, and I just kept digging my feet against the couch, with an aggitated feeling, sort of like i was stuck there. Then Friend2 and I left on a journey to the middle of nowhere. This is where like I starting losing my sense of time (at which point I kept looking at my watch waiting for the trip to end, becuz i really wasn't enjoying it) and I felt like I was stuck in a loop. I was like totally confused, and somewhat withdrawn from my senses, it seemed like we kept going back to my friends apartment/walking up his stairs, over and over. Eventually, I totally withdrew from my senses while Friend2 was driving to the middle of nowhere. At this point I started getting all introspective and I saw alot of things. How dumb and lazy my actions/life was, and I starting seeing my life in this boring loop, how I just wake up everyday on my couch, sit around on the computer, see my girlfreind, and come back home and goto sleep just to do it all over again the next day. Life seemed so pointless/meaningless, and the visuals were like very intenses (kinda like when you close your eyes and press your hands against your eyeballs.. thats what it was like). I! thought I'd done something really wrong, and I'd straight broken myself. I was praying that someone would come along and hit the reset switch, cuz my system has just taken a crash. Eventually, we came to a stop in front of this big gate in front of this grassy hill in the middle of nowhere and he told me to get out and open it. I did with much hesitation. I found it extremely hard to move or walk, I'd lost my sense of touch and coordination. His windows were really trippy because I couldn't see them. Eventually I made it out and opened the gate and we drove in. Then he drove up this hill where there was this weird machinery and shed on top, and we just started walking around there and whatnot. Then we walked back to his truck and he started driving all around on top of the hill, and he was asking me if he should go ahead and just drive off the hill and see if we get killed. The scarey thing is it didn't sound like that bad of an idea, and death sounded kind of interesting (don't worry, he wasn't tripping, accept for the constant flow of thc 24/7, he was just messin with my head). We eventually ended up leaving and driving back to his parent'! s house where another of my friends were (Friend3). I noticed that I found it very hard to walk, I kind of dragged my feet (since I couldn't really feel them), all of my senses were very choppy/in low resolution, while my vision/focus seemed to pick things at random to focus on while unfocusing everything else (which in some cases I saw far clearly than I normally do, because I wear glasses). At this point i'm really fighting my trip trying to gain a hold of my senses and end it, but as you know, fighting the trip is just pointless. We then proceeded to drive to Friend3's house (for what reason I don't recall), and then they took me home, at that point I had come down alot, but I still had a little way to go. I walked passed my parents in the living room, grabbed something to eat, took a shower and went to my girlfriends. I think she may have suspected something was up by the way she was staring at my eyes (they were dark/shot from the bowl I'd smoked, I dunno if mushrooms cause that to yer eyes at all), but that was genereally it. End of trip. Since then though, my perception of reality seems very unstable at times, but growin' a lil' more stable each day. After finding this site, I think i'm actually gonna try to grow mushrooms in the near future. Go figure?! One bad trip won't mean they'll all be bad. Just remember to go with the flow, allocate yourself plenty of time, and enjoy the trip, because it'll be over when its

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