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Bad/GooD CraZy AdvenTure

me n my friend sarah go to my grandmothers house about 40 mins away to meet up wit sum friends to do shrooms for the first time.

me n my friend sarah go to my grandmothers house about 40 mins away to meet up wit sum friends to do shrooms for the first time. When we meet them we go behind this plaza n they were already trippin so we took them..bout 2 grams each (n we're both small gurls n didnt eat n e thing all day)so like i wasnt feelin good after about 15 mins so we went to the bathroom in this chinese resturant..when we go in there my friend goes in the guys and i go in the gurls and thas when it really starts to hit me n all the wall patterns were moving. the little chinese kids were yellin so we ran out of the store

so we start trippin really bad n we sit behind this plaze..around the corner from the guys trippin n jus were talkin about crazy shyt and seeing abunch of weird things. so then we go back to them n it had already been a hour n was dark but it felt like 15 mins..so they we walk 2 a "park" they were leadin us 2 down this big highway walkin on the side of the street..n 4 sum reason people were really annoying me n it irritated me everytime people were lookin at us..so we says were there but its really peoples back yard but it was like a big hill with high grass..but it had a enterance n a little path goin down the huge hill...we go down there n it was the craziest thing EVER!..there was like 7 indian tee pees all beside each other in this little forest..n the guys told us it was devil worshippers n me n my friend believed them n started seeing crazy demons in the woods..then we went by sum water..at first the water looked as if it was in front of us like a wall n the guy was sayin "do u want 2 go on the 8 hour shroom trip, enter the deminsion"..n it looked as if we walked thru a different deminsion..but then we look closer n it was on the same level as us but we werent gettin wet.so then we were sittin there lookin at the water n talkin bout crazy things n looked at the stars n there was billions of them n they were reallllllllyy bright..it looked so pretty, but they looked like they were movin then we looked up the hill n we all seen people comin wit flashlights so we got up n ran

we all snuck thru trying to b quiet but ran fast as hell n runnin up the hill and we fell in a 3 foot hole..so we end up back on the highway and i could feel the vibrations from the cement on my feet n i felt like i was meltin into the road..so we walked all the way back 2 the plazas n my friend was freakin out cuz we thought she seen a demon woman...n we didnt kno the guys very well so this is when the trip got really bad...they were spanish so they jus kept speakin spanish really fast n we ditched them...so we sat behdin the plaza between 2 high ways freakin out..i didnt even feel like myself..i thought i had compltely started to psychologically think different n i would always b liek this..it also felt like reality was an illusion and i couldnt tell if i was seeing things or not...also time kept relapseing every 10 mins n the same things kept happenin..it was a bad trip but we were both havin a bad trip so we tried 2 find the gud in it..4 a while we felt we were not gonna go back to how we used to be and we felt as if we didnt wanan live in the fake reality any more..we both had an overwhelmin sense of confusion and we kept wantin to make sence out of everything but we felt as if we couldnt...after about 2 hours sittin there freakin out we finally started 2 feel better and called a taxi back to my grandmothers..wow crazy night

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