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Bad, Bad First Trip

Name: Angela / Age: 14 / Weight: 112?

Name: Angela / Age: 14 / Weight: 112? / Gender: F

This weekend (yesterday)was my first time doing shrooms, i always have wanted to do them, but i could never find them. Finally i got the chance to do them. My friend recieved only an 1/8th but these fuckers were verrrry potent. All three of us split them, i was expecting the taste to be worse, but i ended up not minding them at all. We began walking into this natured area, were it was peaceful, sunny, and quiet. I was with my bestfriend, and two NEW good friends.
As time went by i was just waiting for them to hit me, i was so excited. We began walking through the forest and i became dizzy and confused. The shadows of everything were very deep and everything had large features. The two guy friends that i was with began to look like something you would run into in "Alice in Wonderland". Then things began to get very wierd and unsettleling. The trees began to scare me and it looked as if a storm was comming in (wich it was). My friend hit these branches on the ground and they looked like old brown knuckly fingers wanting to grab me. This scared me. REALLY BAD.

We decided to walk back into town, to go somewere we knew. We started to walk, and the houses were smaller than me. Once we got to longs, i knew i had to go to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror with my friend, my face began morphing, both of my eyes became one, and my friends left eye began to fill her face. This was fun, but i had to keep exploring. Id been in the store a million times, but this time i didnt recognize it. I glanced and saw a man comming in throught the door with a large black circle for an eye and an ugly upside down black mouth. His head looked like a thumb. As we were leaving i accidently bumped into this old lady. This face was unlike anything id ever seen! It was as if her face smacked mine. It was full of different tints and tones of pink and orange, and seriously lop sited. She had lonely sad LONG eyes that strethced down to her chin. NObody besides the people i was with had necks.

Once we left we walked up to a school park, i totally lost any sense of reality, and couldnt remember what was normal, and what wasnt. Sitting on the fence the clouds were unlike anything ever. They were HUGE (because of the storm) and bold, and scary as fuck. I began thinking i was going to die, but couldnt tell my friends that because everything i said, sounded as if i was dumb, nothing came out right. If i was thinking "look at the clouds" it would come out as *HIGH CRACKY VOICE* "CLOOOODS.......LUUUC" i just sounded stupid and decided to keep to myself. I started to feel alone, and that i had no purpose. Id look around me and see deformed people *GOING SOMEWERE* as if they knew where they were going, but i began to relize im going knowere, and have no reasononing to do anything. Looking around at the park i saw, Long squidward like nosed people walkign there dogs, pushing there kids on swings, and a tall bell bottomed 70's man kicking a large ball, with some kind of lighing surrounding his afro. My friends dont recall seeing him, but i do. Everything was dark, cold, and depressing.

It was now around 1:50, time was going knowere. I wanted to sit so bad, but they all just wanted to keep walking, i was scared out of my mind. Its hard to explain how the clouds looked, but it was unlike anything ive ever seen. THe plants were skinny and long, all flower-like, and the grass was full of spikey needles. Now everything began getting taller and taller than me. In the distance was a fence and each piece of individual wood was different shade of brown and one of the peices was waving at me.

It started pouring, and the wind began to pick up, so much that my sweater wouldnt stay on, it was like a parachute. Even thought i could not feel the rain, i could hear the loud sound of each drop hitting the ground. Then came the thunder and lightning, must i say more? I began questioning reality, as what is real and what isnt. what was normal. A voice in my head was telling me i was going to die, but for some reason that didnt scare me. the road had these strange curvy gasoline-like waves to it, and all the plants now turned mushy and bright colored.

My cell phone rang, it was my mom. This is the wierd part. I always have trouble pulling things off when it comes to my parents, but for some reason this came soo easy. Everything just flowed out ot my mouth, and sounded perfect. It sounds weird but when i felt so scared and alone, i just thought that nobody really cared for me, i was just a waste to society but when she called, i didnt want to get off the phone with her, her voice sounded so beautiful and happy and to know that someone is calling mor ME, to check up on ME to know im okay, just felt sooo good, i didnt want her to go, i wanted to stay talking to her forever,becasue i felt normal talking to her.

Now we are all waiting for our parent to pick us up, people walking by looked so funny. A doctor would walk by, a scientist would walk by. Everyone had a proffesion, but i was still scared. Waiting for her mom, i asked my friend "when is this going to end??" and he sed "never." i believed him, because i didnt know what else to think. Finally we get in the car, and everything began to pick up, her mom was wearing a bright pink shirt that made me so happy, the song on the radio began to make me cry. We came to her house, where i wanted to be all along, it was bright, warm, and compfy. Me and Her started to talk, deep, and were crying for hours about life, and what wastes we are. Then we decided we need to stop, or her mom might get suspicious. We turned on the television and EVERYTHING was fucking hillarious. Peoples faces were so deformed, and all we could do was laugh for hours.

Laying in her bed, i began feeling some quick grasps of reality. This felt good, i was happy. We turned on some pink floyd and nirvana, and the words were so meaningful and matched how we felt perfectly. This was great,i connected with her.

Then up popped her cat. I HATE cats, im allergic and find them useless. But when the cat popped up it looked so pretty. I began to pet it,and it loved me *wich already amazed cora, that im not kicking it or something* the cat connected with me too, i began getting confused. it features in its face looked so real, i started rubbing its mouth, asking it why it cant talk. I knew cats cant talk, but i didnt understand why. I wanted it to talk back to me soo bad.

We ate noodles, they were moving in the bowl. it was amazing, but gross.

My whole outlook on life is different. I will never be the same again.

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