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Bad trips can be described as one thing, chaos

SO my friends and I are freshmen at college, ready to experiment with some fun drugs, not the bad shit.

SO my friends and I are freshmen at college, ready to experiment with some fun drugs, not the bad shit. So one of my friends, Court, started selling chocolates, which had about a quarter 8th of shrooms, and anywhere between 2-5 hits of acid, which I found out later. Court told us it was only shrooms that was in the chocolates, so we were like cool, nothing can go wrong, so before this I've tripped like 2 times before the bad one, both the two before were cool, I felt sick once for like 5 minutes, but that went away. This time I'm guessing I had a chocolate with 5 hits of acid, because this shit hit me in 15 minutes, and continued to increase for another 15 minutes, until I started tweaking. Pain, soreness, and weakness ran through my whole body, everything in the room was doing crazy shit, and I couldn't take it so I shut my eyes. My friend Brandon was having a bad trip as well, so he ran off to drink beer cause he thought that would help him cancel the trip. I felt way to sick to move. all I could do was sit there and feel like I was going to throw up with my body aching, and me wishing I was dead. I was about 45 minutes into the trip now, and knowing that I had to take this for 4-6 more hours, I thought I wouldn't be able to make it, after about 3 hours, my mind just couldn't take it anymore, and my friends said that I convulsed and passed out, but what I saw was almost what people call a near death experience, I felt like I was flying through a tunnel, where nothing could be explained. Everything I saw, and everything I felt, was not of this world. My friends told me I was out for like a few minutes, but it felt like almost an eternity. My friends shook me thinking I was dead, and I came to. When I came to, it was almost a feeling of disappointment to leave the experience, but a relief to know I'm back on solid ground. I decided that I just wanted to lay down and try and sleep. So my friend who had the bad trip as well, layed on one bed, and I layed on another, while the others who were with us left somewhere on the campus. Finally it all wore off, and my friend and I got up at the same time, and felt good enough to walk back to our room. The connection my friend Brandon and I had was confusing because it felt so strong. But going through that experience was worth while to me, because my people(I'm cherokee) say that when you ask for help in your troubled times, the great spirit throws bigger obsticles your way, so when it is all over, you become that much stronger. So as bad as it was, and me wanting to die, I think it's made me a better person, it also ended up changing my life in a very positive way.

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