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I lived in Philadelphia, my two bros came down and visited me from the poconos.

I lived in Philadelphia, my two bros came down and visited me from the poconos. It was my first time taking them so I had no idea what to expect. We went to the Philadelphia zoo, parked in the parking lot, and started to eat. We then proceeded to the entrance. We were just chillin staring at a rhino, then it kicked in, it hit me like a fucking wall, there was children laughin, monkeys, elephants, lions foxes, I somehow got stuck in a joke preteding I was a salesman at the zoo selling the animals dirt cheap, like a carpet salesman trying to get the last roll out the door. I just remembered it was so hot and i had a permenant smile on my face staring at the animals and all the beautiful plants.We then went to the baboon cages so we walk up and maybe 10 feet from us there are 4 baboons. The one baboon was sitting like a person, scratching it self, me and my buddies could not help but laugh it had to be the hardest I have ever laughed.All the sudden it starts to freak out, and jump on the walls of the fence, like it wanted to attack us!Just then it picked up a handfull of mulch, threw it at us full speed. We had to leave immediatly, we couldnt handle that. It was the most beautiful day, there was a small african man playing the bongo drums, and I just remember him having the most lizard-like expression on his face . It will be a day that me and my friends will never forget

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