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bad first trip

i've been DYING to try shrooms and for the past 6 months I would always get so close to getting them and then something would happen and I wouldn't have them.

i've been DYING to try shrooms and for the past 6 months I would always get so close to getting them and then something would happen and I wouldn't have them. So FINALLY this kid came through and me and my best friend and her boyfriend got them. We have all NEVER done them but we've done other things like E weed coke ya know. So anyways, we all split a quarter. I ate about 3 caps and 4 stems and the same goes with my friends. Then, we took the remainder of the stems and ground them up. I ate a 2 TBS of shrooms and chugged them down with OJ and then the remainder of ground up shit we put into mushroom tea and all had a double shot each of it. After about 40 minutes I was fucking FUCKED UP!!!! My trip was going SO well. We were all walking around outside and everything was great. I think what happened to me was I started to go off on my own....I began walking around alone and just wanting to be by myself. My friends were fucked up too but they could tell that I was being a completely looney. Needless to say, I felt the desire to go swimming so I filled the bathtub with water, locked the door, turned the lights off and there I was trippin' out in the bathtub. I felt as if my body became one with the water and while it was really fucking cool, I began to trip really hard and it became scary. Somehow my foot hit the drain knob and I ended up letting the water out without mentally knowing it. As I felt the water leaving the tub I began scraming!! I was in fear that I was going to go down the drain with it. I felt so trapped....I wouldn't get out cause I didn't have a towel so I was just screaming my friends name. Eventually I remembered I had a towel in my car so I got up ran out of the tub grabbed my keys and went down to my car to get a towel. Before I knew it, I realized that I had lokced myself out of the house! I was screaming and crying cause I was tripping so hard and at this point I had no connection with reality. I was now about 3 hours into the trip and I couldn't calm myself down. I went to my friends bedroom window and started bangin on it but they were so fucked up they thought I was a policeman so they wouldnt let me in. I sat outside crying for what seemed like a lifetime until our other friends came over to smoke. They let me in and calmed me down and got me to go back into a good trip. So now I was fine and for some reason I swear I could hear the bathtub calling my name. I made my way back into the bathroom but just lied on the floor for a bit watching the toliet morph into a vase with all these fairies coming out. Then I began to see the fairies fly towards the bathtub so i hopped on it it again like a dumb ass. I filled the water up really really high and began to trip hard again! All the people that calmed me down had left and I was left with my two friends who were trippin hard too to calm me down. It didnt work. They were fuckin with me cause they thought it was funny. They turned the cold water on me and shit while I felt like I was falling into a black hole. Finally, they realized that I wasn't fucking around and they helped me out and put me on the couch snuggled in with a blanket. I smoked 4 bowls to myself and that helped a lot. Finally, 4 hours later I came out of it. It was all together a 10 hour trip I just wish it would've been better. I'm not turned off to shrooms though it's just next time I do them I wanna make SURE i have a good trip.

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