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Bad first time/Cats are trippy

I have never tried shrooms ever before.

I have never tried shrooms ever before. The night began with me being pissed off from my friend ripping me off $15 when I tried to buy them the day before. So I got another $40 the next day and I met up with my friends at 9:00pm and smoked a couple bowls of weed. Some of the other piched in money. And Kyle (my friend) went out to get the shrooms on the bus. When he returned with an ounce us 6 people all split it unevenly. I had about 3g's. It took a while but, while I was coming up I saw black dotes on my hands. 3 of the people were being faggets so the cool 3 of us left and saw the most trippy trees in the world. We saw a bright light in the distance probably the moon,I dont know though ,then we walked towards it and we saw another bright light and thought we heard a cop siren. 1 of us peaced so me an Kyle went to his house. He said sleep over ,I wasnt tired but I said no ,cause I wanted to be home for comfort in my trip ,"which just begun to get crazy," which ended up being a mistake. I live in Alberta Canada where there is only fog like once a year if that. It was the 2nd most foggiest I've ever seen it. I dont smoke cigs ,but I asked an Indian guy for 1/2 a pack and I ended up burning my self with 1 and eating 1/2 of 1 then I got home.
Now my bad trip begins. I went home and into my room and turned on my comp at 2am i think and was trying to e-mail my friend ,I probably typed for about an hour but It seemed like an ertinity. All my teddy bears started coming alive and walking towards me and I typed it ,I typed like 25 pages of what was happening to me like I saw holes opening up in my walls and shit like that ,then there was a black out for like 2 min. I started screaming and my mom came down when the power came back on. I saw her as a shadow then I turned my head and looked back at her and thought she was a scarcrow.
I went upstairs and then laid down and turned the t v on and it was like a strobe light and I started freaking out then changed the channel to hockey. I thought it was just people flying then I turned my head to look at my cats."The cats r the whole trippy part of this ,but i could go on for like 30 min more of typing about them so I wont." I lost track of time and I could not focus. I saw doors ,the couch and shit bending. My Cats heads were spinning around and shit. I thought my cats split into 2 and joined each others bodys and I was scared. The ceiling was coming down to my face while I was laying down then when I sat up it went like 100feet up. Everything changed every time I turned my head. I thought I was an alien due to my pupils being like 65% of my eye.(reminds me of the old episode of the simpsons when everybody thought mr.burns was an ailen.) Then I saw my cat licking its paw ,and I saw blood and then the paw dissapeared. Then I looked out the window then ran to the corner in shock and I saw an alien. I sat down on my chair and thought my body melted into it and then I started looking at my cat againg."This whole time I was hearing sounds." The cat was scratching it's ear then It looked like it ripped its head off and its neck was an eye now. It started talking to me and I thought it was a human ,then I thought I was a cat. I told me I was sexy and I looked at my arms and I saw musle and blood with no skin then looked up and ,I saw the alien againg but in the house and it grabbed my face and I thought I was in space. Then I turned on Freddy vs. Jason and skipped to the scene where freddy turns into the ugly monster catipillar thing and gives the guy the bong when he is smoking weed and falls asleep ,in the movie ,and my mom came in the room and I thought she was freddy and my cat scratched me and I yelled FUCK! and I heard my voice travel and stretch for like 10 seconds. my mom went away and I felt my trip wearing down and I said to my self ,I am immortal.
20 minutes later I stopped seing shit then went to bed ,but most nights now I still get flashbacks of my trip ,"which has alot more detale and more scary ,but it would be too long if i told u the whole thing." and It is hard getting to sleep.
If I ever do shrooms againg ,It's going to be in the day ,with 1 person I trust that is also on them ,and 1 person I trust that is not. I will probably only have like a gram or so too. O yeah and thoose cigs I gave 4 to my mom and smoked the others I did not fuck up. I dont even smoke so I regret it. I am never going to do any drugs crazyier than mush ,weed ,hash ,oil ,cigs ,or alcohol.
A word to all first time shroomers dont do it at night or by your self.
Go Linkin Park ,Limp Bizkit ,White Stripes ,Marilyn Manson , P.O.D. ,Korn ,Ozzy Osbourne and more hard rock bands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am still a little truamatized from that night but music keeps me alive.

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