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Bad Day

Me and my friend decided to shroom out in his house one friday night.

Me and my friend decided to shroom out in his house one friday night. We bought 4 eights and slit them 2 each.
we had our music set up as we usually do in situations. After about a half an hour i started to see a bit brighter colors... i knew right there my trip was beginning.. after about 15 minutes later (or so it felt) i decided to use the bathroom while i wasnt tripping (just in case i do something stupid) i walked up my friends stairs to proceed to the bathroom and when i opened the door it didnt look like his bathroom! it was right there that i walked into another world..the walls were not walls they were transparent and i could see throught the wall into the next room.... but in the next room it was real strange i seen little elves walking around as if they were looking for something... i was confused and a little scared .. but i remember telling myslef "im trippin" and that made me feel a little better.. it felt like i had stayed there and watched these elves through the bathroom wall for 2 hours until i finally lost touch with myslef.. i started freaking out and ran out the door down the stairs saying "holy shit ELVES!!!!"... my friend was just sitting on the couch laughing his ass off and i didnt know what was so funny... then i began to think that he was against me or something that he was plotting with the elves... so i ran out the door.... my friend followed behind me telling me to relax and to chill out but i didnt listen i went for a little walk up the block.. the trees seemed to be dripping some orange fluid off the leaves... and the trunk of the trees were moving and breathing... i seen cars pass but they didnt look like cars the just looked like green boxes with black spots and lights ... the car lights were bright ...real bright i felt as though i as blinded.... i shut my eyes standing on the sidewalk and suddenely.. i was in a dark windy place my friend was no longer there... i was scared. i walked and walked and walked but i couldnt find anything... i was beginning to think i as stuck here forever....i remember laying down on the cold grass and then i was suddenly in a funeral home. i was sitting in a packed funeral home with a bunch of sad people .. people were going up to the body paying there final respects to somebody and i had no clue who it was.... i decided to walk up there and find out who was in this casket.. and it turns out i was in there.. i was thinkin i was seeing my wake until some girl who i didnt really recognize came up to me and said "its okay, he's in a better place" which followd by me saying "i hope so".. this was totally strange to see yourself in a casket i was horrified .. i left the funeral home in a flash and i was then in a park.. a dark park.. it was empty but very big i walked a little scared shit outta my mind until i found a little girl playing hopscotch my herself she told me "you dont belong here, go away" now this girl was creepy like one of those girls jumproping in nightmare on elm street.. she just stared at me after she said that and i ran.. ran as far as i could..it felt as though i as running for 5 hours until i found a bench with a tree next to it... i sat down it was pitch black i could see nothing else.. i sat for a couple of minutes until i seen a figure walking over to me... it was a lady with a white gown on.. i was scared.... real scared at this point.... she approached and told me that i should never come here that this is not the right place for me.. i said very scared "but how do i get out".. she told me "you cant" and disapeared... at that point i started to cry and kept saying to myslef "i dont want to be here" "help, help" but nothing helped....... i dont really remember what happened after alot of crying and worrying... it was then i woke up in a bright sunlight on a bench in the cemetery up the block..... holy shit i cant beleive i ended up there.... i went back to my friends house and he said he followed me to the cemetery and tried to stop me from going but i told him "i have to go there"......
my fellow shroomers i think this was one of my most feared trips ever... the thought of being alone and seeing yourslef dead simply horrifying.. i was in my own world i had no touch with reality.... however i have been thinking that my trip may mean something... i have asked many of my friends and they all think it means something but i dont feel l ike explaining it for it is quite horrifying...
Thank you for reading my bugged out experience.. until next time shroomers peace

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