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Back to reality(BAD BAD TRIP)

This trip was my third time ive ever tripped.

This trip was my third time ive ever tripped. It was just 3 of us tripping this time as well, and in a house with about 5 or 6 other people who werent tripping.

The other two trips were from what we thought was the same batch of shrooms, and we had (as described on this site) level 3 trips.

This trip started off feeling exactly the same as the previous two. Until me and my girlfriend decided we were going to smoke a blunt, so we had a friend begin to roll it. Then litterally every 5 seconds, it was like my girlfriends memory was erased, she would completely forget what we are doing, and want to do something else. After a long 45 minutes waiting for, and smoking the blunt (because she kept nagging me) she decided she wanted to go to her room, and got up and started going pulling me along. So we ran to her dorm.

This is where the trip goes bad. This trip report as a whole is more about my two friends than myself, because the extremely potent shrooms were too much for them to handle and keep grip of any sense of reality. Where as when things started going bad, i assesed the situation, and on teh same dosage, straightened up and dealt with everything as followed, until later when my trip becomes amazing.

In her room.
First she just paced around in her room alittle bit trying to find something to do, while i enjoied some beautiful colorful visiuals around the lights in her room. She then began to get like, confused facial expressions all the time, and got really frightened by something. She would run to her bed, and lay down, and cover up. Then at randomly, she sprung up like something from the exorcist and screamed bloody murder. After this she began running around the room and i would hold her, and tell her to stay calm and lay down (keep in mind how much noise this is making in the dorms). After an hour of pretty much this same thing, i told her roomate i was leaving, because i came to the conclusion that it was me that was scaring her in her trip.

Back at the house.
My other friend who was tripping with me had locked him self in the bathroom during all of this, and would randomly scream, cry and laugh. some times at the same time. I went to the basement and hungout with some friends, told them what was happening, they thought she was having a basic bad trip, and should just stay in her room till she feels better, plus her roomate was there. I was satisfied and began to fall back into my trip at the house.

Then my phone rings, and it was my girlfriends roomate. She said my girlfriend was now getting naked ( never completely naked) and running in the halls to the back stairway. I figured that she wanted me to come get her there, but couldnt tell me for soem reason u know?. So, i go back but she stops running to the stairwell, so i go to meet her in her room. Now her eyes are so glossy and black she looks like a creature of some sort. She would sit in her room on her floor and shake, back and forth. At random she would thrust her face close to mine (i was sitting in front of her just worrying how she was doing and such, not trippin to hard at the time) but she would scream bloody murder when she got close to me, and then RIGHT after, she would talk and say only one word at a time consisting of these words: study, shrooms bad, love, her ex's name, my name, sorry, kiss, and eat.

Now the last two are interesting. Because when she would say kiss, she would lean in to kiss me. but when she got close, she would say "EAT, EAT, EAT!!!!" and she would bite my lip, then pull away stretching it off of my face, i would then push her off, and she would get scared, and run to her bed and hide. This repeated several times. Then while she was freaking in her room, her ra comes to the door.

I step outside and talk to the RA as if i was sober. I told her exactly what my girlfriend had taken (because she knew, my girlfriend was screaming it earlier in the story)... approximately 5 minutes after teh RA arrives, about 9 police officers/ ems units run down the hall and into the room, i stood in the door way trying to see what was happening.

It took 5 of the grown men to hold down my 125 lb, 6'0 girlfriend. They strapped her to the stretcher and pulled her past me, and she somehow forced out of the restraints and sat up, then screamed my name until the door to the elevator closed.

At this time 2 police officers, 2 ems units, and te resident assistant, and the resident director take me into a room. EMS was EXTREMELY nice, I sat there and talked to them, told them that i was shrooming, and explained all my feelings at the time. Thye checked my vitals and said my heart rate was a little high, probably because of the intensity of the situation. And that if i signed a refusal i didnt have to go to the hospital...the two cops now start acting like hard asses. " BOY I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU GO WITH THEM". I politely told them no, and they began yelling things at me like "MARIJUANA CAN KILL YOU", "SHROOMS CAN KILL YOU" trying to get me to feel bad and confess that i dealt shrooms to my girlfriend. Then they get a call, and ask me if anyone else is shrooming. I say yes, my roomate.

While i was being interogated, my roomate had called his dad from his dorm room, and told him that he was god, and his roomate was the devil and had been trying to kill him. So his dad, worried and 5 hours away called the police and sent them to get greg, then headed to get us.

So now, the cops have me, refusing to go to the hospital, with two friends strapped to stretchers and taken in ambulances. So they truely think i was dealing deadly shrooms to kids at school. So i told the cops i didnt know where they come from, and i wasnt the dealer. SO they took me to my dorm room and searched it, they found a spec of shake but "not enought to get me".

I then went back to my friends house after the let me go, with no charges, or anything (i know amazing). I tripped until 3 am (we took the 1/8th at 3 pm)

While i was experienceing the rest of my trip, i basicly sat still and didnt move from my friends bed. I could control everyones minds, what they were saying, what they were doing, and where they would go. And it was working some how. I would think "i want him to say 'lets eat some cheese'"...then the person i was tkinking about saying that, would say it...it was out of control. Then i would make them leave and come from the room. I also insisted "the asians are right" and became extremely buddist in my belifes of life, and very eastern with my philosophies like, history and everything being controled by looping circles, and i was very confused as to the meaning of time.

After the fact
My girl friend was in the hospital for 2 days, becaause the shrooms caused an enzyme in her liver to rise to 1300, and 1500 is potentially deadly. She also strained multiple muscles in the struggle with police.

My other friend was released later on the same night and is perfectly fine.

As for charges by the police, we have hearings in the beginning of next year.

Words of addvice:
When shrooming, take your shrooms in 1 gram intervals until you are shrooming your desired amount, because u never know how potent the shroom may be :-)

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