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Azurescens and LSD

I had about four tablespoons of psilocybe azurescens honey left, and four tabs of pure white lightening acid.

I had about four tablespoons of psilocybe azurescens honey left, and four tabs of pure white lightening acid. The mushrooms had been picked near Astoria at the beginning of the season when they're the most potent, and preserved in honey. I set aside an entire day for the trip, and filled my room with candles. My room itself is like an acid trip. The walls and ceiling are covered with psychedelic art, album covers, posters, and tie die which compliment the blue-green lava lamp and colored-glass candle holders. My fellow tripper Andy showed up at about three. I put on a Led Zeppelin DVD and we started up a smoke session. We were burning some sweet stoney purple jasmine nuggets through my two foot glass double-percolator bong. After four or five bowls we decided to begin the trip. Andy took two tabs of acid and I ate the rest of the honey, which was very delicious and sweet. It kicked in fast for both of us, and for me, it began with an indescribable feeling of levity and altitude, kind of like I was being pulled up by some mystical force. That was followed by a weightless kind of body sensation that made movement feel extraordinary. The Led Zeppelin concert was filled with tracers and patterned textures flowing in time to the music. Then my entire visual field expanded with very tribal patterns extending from posters and walls. It looked as if the colorful, intricate, 3 dimensional patterns were growing out of the posters into one another, down the walls, and flowing from the ceiling to the floor. I sat and stared intently for hours, fascinated by what I was seeing. The band's logos on my album covers would flash and glow with bright colors, leaving infinite tracers behind as they wound themselves into the forming tribal patterns. When the DVD ended I put my Doors CD into the stereo. That got me in the mood for some acid. I took the two remaining tabs of white lightening. They must've been pretty pure tabs because the copper taste was somewhat strong. (Pure acid tastes like copper.) I felt the tabs pretty quick, it only took about ten minutes. I was still pretty high from the mushrooms when I took it, so it brought me to a new level. The warm, fixed tribal visions were accompanied by an intense swirling kaleidescope-like play of colors wherever I looked. Objects were distorted in a glassy haze that made everything appear as if it were in a fun house mirror. The outline of the mirrors would duplicate and form a complex pattern that would then morph into something else. The solo in Light my Fire was the most amazing thing I have ever heard. The music was coming from all around me, and echoed in my head. Sound was feeling. I said to Andy "The music sounds like freedom." "Yes!" he enthusiastically responded. The keyboard solo unwound beautifully, evoking intense, glowing mental pictures illustrating the notes. Morrison's voice during "Strange Days" rang out with a haunting, poetic echo. During "The End," I visited a vast, open desert in my imagination. The sky was painted with all different shades of indigo blue and lavender, glimmering with twinkling bright stars under an ancient moon. The soft lines in the sand etched by the wind flow off into the horizon. I realize that I am not in my body. I am in the form of light, it is my soul. I am greeted by a foggy image of Morrison swirling in the misty clouds. I can see the spirits of Native American Shaman amongst reptilian-like patterned oras of energy. They guide me through the desert as I stare at the textured faces of stone columns towering high over the sand. We enter an enormous cave with a raging bonfire sending dancing images of broken light onto the stone walls and columns. They begin to dance in circles, arms spread out like an eagle. They chant and drum as they bob their heads, entering a trance. Their dance reminds me of the flight if an eagle. I stare at the tribal dance as the solo for "Five to One" slowly overpowers shaman's chant. All of a sudden Morrison stops dancing, snatches a mic out of thin air, spins around and belts "Get together one more time!" over and over into the microphone, until the song fades out. With the end of the song I left the cavern through an opening in the stones and was propelled into the starry sky. As I moved through space I could see magnificent constellations unlike any that are visible from earth. Swirling galaxies of color spin around white hot suns and misty clusters of stars. Then I was hit with a rush of energy as the stars in my vision slowly settled into their places in the sky out my bedroom window. Andy and I stayed up the rest of the night hitting the bong and listening to loud Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. In the morning breakfast tasted wonderful, and all my senses radiated with twice their normal power into the next day. I truly feel that I have found sanity in an insane world.

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