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Magic Mushrooms Zamnesia
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at hippy fest..cccrazzzyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

ok so im goin up 2 a hippy fest on the weekend of the fourth of july, me and a couple friends are campin out 2gether.

ok so im goin up 2 a hippy fest on the weekend of the fourth of july, me and a couple friends are campin out 2gether.there are no worries cuz no cops can come in becasue its private property..no parents, absoluelty nuthin but my friends and a bunch of hippies. so i figure im gunna go nuts(bad idea). So its about 7 oclock..the sun is starting 2 set and every1 starts 2 party. I get 3 doces from this guy and start 2 trip my face off...then i took 2 rolls but man i was jsut gettin started. after the rolls i was totally in space. i ended up meetin with 1 of my friends who was on MUSHROOOOOMS.and he says there aswome..soo io wasd soo fucked up i took 4 grams of mushrooms, and thats when things started 2 get outa control. i preety much stayed the same fram of mind for about 30 min...then the mushrooms jsut kicked my ass...b4 i knew it i was totally spun...didnt know where i was...i ended up losin all my friends and jsut wonderin around camp creek..i diodnt know where i was or why i was hear.it came 2 be around 2 oclock...i was started 2 get paraniod cuz i was soo tweeked out and i didnt know what was goin on...i wasnt evne on planet earth i sware..and somehow i ened up wonderin into some1 tent...no1 i know and i almost got my ass kciked lol...i finnaly got 2 the piont where i couldnt evne walk..i started crawlin on the ground not knlowin what i was doin...finally i saw one of my friends who was trippin on quarter ounce of mushies..he was totally tweeked and we started to walk 2gether...i ened up goin 2 the concert area of the frestival and dancin with all my friends on stage...i sware i seen bob marely....it was around 6 now and the sun was startyin 2 come up...so i went bac 2 my camp area and passed out on the gorund by my tent...i woke up about 4 oclock the next day totally unaware of what happened the niight b4..baraly rmebering anything, it was one the worst/best experiences of my life...

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