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As The World Turns

In Septmeber of 1988 my wife and I were about to turn on the TV and settle in for the evening when we heard a knock on the door.

In Septmeber of 1988 my wife and I were about to turn on the TV and settle in for the evening when we heard a knock on the door. A new friend, Tiny, had decided to come by and share something he called "special". I'd not seen a bright red mushroom before and was a little disappointed to hear that the only one he had was the one he was holding. He said it would be plenty and proceeded to split it three ways.
I soon tired of the music and since we lived out in the country I felt like outside would be the place for me. I wandered out to the end of our gravel driveway and layed down to watch the night sky. I remember the gravel being uncomfortable under my back and then I focused in on what I think was about a quarter moon. There was 2 or 3 minutes of staring at it and then it happened. I felt myself leaving my body there on the driveway. I was catapulted from my physical self. Immediately I was in space and I was stationary. I remember so vividly the sense of initial utter awe followed by pure joy and serenity. I remember looking upward toward a star that melted me with beauty before I finally looked downward and saw the most beautiful, wondrous view of my life. There below me was the planet Earth.
It was far too lovely to describe to you...but I'll try. I was so very aware of every detail of it's structure. I was aware that I had left my body and was indeed in the vicinity of the moon watching the earth turn. The clouds and the oceans were watching me as much as I was watching them. I was able to absorb some truths for myself. The colors. The colors were never so rich and beautiful as this. After whatever time it was, was finished standing still I heard a voice. The colors all around me were made of love. I could sense this so clearly...I heard someone's voice again...such beauty, such emotion......Danny!.....what?.....what was that?........Danny! Oh, that's my wife calling me! As soon as I heard and recognized who was calling me I IMMEDIATELY re-entered my body and felt the hard gravel under me again.
It was only recently that I found out that it was not a cylicibin mushroom that I took that night.It was an Amanita Muscaria. I remember Tiny said it was from Oregon.

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