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As Reality Flakes Into Spores (part2)

My friend's returned after what they claim was 5 minutes but felt like a half hour of misery and threats of death by the wicked trees.

My friend's returned after what they claim was 5 minutes but felt like a half hour of misery and threats of death by the wicked trees. I quickly scurried back into the car and sunk into the comfort of the seat. Once again movement seemed to take a lot of effort.
We were constantly passing bowl after bowl and listening to strange music which made the materials of the interior paternize and amoeba out. My focus blurred into an intense kaleidoscoping. Soon this was broken by a demonic face materializing on the side of the car. It told me of all my mistakes past and future. It was tormenting me and tearing my mind apart to the point that I was trying to bargain and plead with the thing, but it just grew increasingly hostile. It blurred back into a car when Bill asked if I was OK because I had been silent for over 45 minutes and I was pale and soaked in sweat.
Then my pager went off and I thought the shaking was something physically wrong. When I realized what it was I saw that I had a message. When I tried to check it There was a strange message on the phone saying I couldn't get through. I thought that something bad had happened and they had my drugs and were waiting for me. As we started to pull away towards civilization I was reassured it was the phone service.
As we neared Bills Ed started freaking thinking he would die. He thought some old lady was some guy from high school. We went to the park by Bills drank a bunch of water to rehydrate. We chilled watching the colors shift and images in the clouds smoking in the park while talking about philosophical stuff.
We picked up our friend Koz on the way to get an oz of regs (weed). We smoked the rest of the weed we had on the way over and smoked a giant jay with all 8 of us. Then I ate another gram of shrooms. As they were kicking in hard we got to the white hen. I was sparer paranoid when 2 cops came in and the shrooms were hitting hard.
As we left my dude's house Koz and me split the remaining shrooms. We got dropped off at my car and busted open more shrooms (I ate about 2 grams). All we could do this late was cruise and smoke weed covered in black tar opium. The trip compliment everything very positively and happily As time wore on I began to get paranoid about the oz of weed, the opium and 18 g of shrooms on us.
We got a hold of our friend Steve who picked us off when we dropped off the shrooms, my car and most of the weed. The rest of the night was filled with hours of cruising, music, constant smoking, laughing, and lots of philosophical talk. I was dropped off around 5 am and quickly fell into deep strange twisted opium dreams.
Parts of the trip had seemed too intense but overall the experience was very positive. That was back in 2001 (when I was 21) and have had 100s of trips since. It was the most intense shroom induced psychedelic experience of my life.

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