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As Reality Flakes Into Spores (part 1)

I woke up on the day of the trip a little hung over and sniffily at about 11:30 am.

I woke up on the day of the trip a little hung over and sniffily at about 11:30 am. I toke a shower and headed over to Ed's house. I let Ed smoke a bowl and I did the last few lines of coke from the last nights teener of coke while I broke the shrooms to be saved into 6 eighths (5 for friends and 1 for later if I decided to prolong the madness or kick it up a notch). Then around 1:00 or 1:30 pm I ate about 5.5 grams and Ed ate about 1.5 grams and played some Smash Bros. while we waited for our friend Bill and smoked a bowl. He arrived after about 20 minutes and on the way out I put my opium and 5 eighths of shrooms in my car, but took our weed with.
I was still a little geeked but we decided it would be cool to go for a bake cruise and Bill would drive Ed's car. Soon into the cruise we had to get gas and I didn't feel much yet so I pulled out the shrooms I brought with and scarfed about another gram plus I gave Ed a few more flakes. The feeding frenzy was cut short when my stomach tightened and my head swirled. I felt sick like my body was rejecting the shrooms, but at the same time I felt as if I was about 10 feet away from my body attached only by abstract thought. I stared at some CD case for sometime which took my mind off of negative thoughts while we cruised.
Some how Bill talked us into walking around the downtown area of our town. Everything seemed like a dream and my mind was trying to wake up. I actually felt my self waking up a few times. In a record store I zoned out and didn't even realize my friends had and I was panicked when I turned around and they just weren't there. I ran out side and was relieved to see them down the block.
By this point I was frying hard and upon returning to the car I decided the only thing I could handle was melting into the back seat, smoking tons of pot with changing scenery. Bill agreed and took us on what he called "a different kind of bake cruise" with no prior explanation, but he wasn't tripping and was the responsible one of the crew so we put faith in him not to get us busted or killed for the day. He drove us through an industrial area and done some gravel and dirt roads. As we drove to our desolate destination we saw a creepy dude flying up behind us in a dust cloud who had a large rolled up carpet that we assumed to be a dead body sticking out of the car. We let him passed and went to a heavily wooded spot and parked. While we sat there smoking for a while the creepy dude drove back past us with a skeletal grin and no carpet in his car.
I had to piss really bad and thats all I could concentrate on, but I didn't feel like I could move. Finally I ran into the thick patch of woods to go. I started zoning into the flow of the stream and the voices of the trees. This was interrupted by the car with my friends peeling out in a cloud of gravel and disappearing. My focus went from the smoky images of the dust to the praying mantis type trees which were telling me of my abandonment.
(to be continued)

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