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this wasnt my first trip but it is the last one i'll have for awhile as i'm on probation now!

this wasnt my first trip but it is the last one i'll have for awhile as i'm on probation now!!

Me, Mark and Brad (there identical twins) went to our hook up and planned on buyin weed but instead we walked away with 3/4 ounce of shrooms. We each had 7 grams of full mushrooms cap and stem.

We took a cab to their house which we had no money for so we fuckin booked it when we go out. When we go to the house we started watchin tv and slowly began eating the shrooms. Brad wanted to drink aswell so he brought some beer and i beleive a 40 of whiskey(wiser's ummmm). Me and Brad drank most of the 40 and Mark pretty much drank the beer. We almost totally forgot bout the shrooms in our drunkiness and probably would have been better if i did.

We all consumed all 7 grams of shrooms and then started to watch the family man! lol that chick is so fuckin hot, neway we found mark and brad's little sister stash of weed and i decided that i would smoke it. Not realizing that i had finished the weed I put a peanut in Mark's pipe and proceded to smoke it, when i hit it and knew it wasnt weed i told the guys and we laughed for awhile, but time wasnt fuckin passing. We decided to go outside and by now we were royal fucked when i opened my eyes it looked like a fuckin 3 year old coloring which made it hard to walk besides the fact i was drunk and stoned also. As we walked and walked we sorta become unaware of eachother more emursed in nature. Finally after a while i realized i was by myself and had no fuckin clue where i was. I was really cold so i wanted to get warm and i went to my house only the door was locked so i went to the side and smashed the bay window, it was so loud and i was amazed that i broke it. I went in and went to the kitchen which was right there and ate some rice crispies. They snaped crackled and poped and i fuckin tripped out laughin everything was so fucked up. The there was a real loud knock on the door and it was the fuckin cops. I couldnt take cause fuckin rice crispies in my mouth but i started laughin my ass off at them they were really confused bout y i answered the door considering the house i broke into wasnt mine!! LOL i was fuckin histerical i couldnt believe it wasnt my house so i got arrested and charged with break and entery. but i didnt care because it was amazing trip.

Peace and keep on rockin the free world(great song on shrooms)

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