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Are We the Aliens?

7/23/99 Dosage: D and I took an unknown amount of PC.


D and I took an unknown amount of PC. Each dose was a combination of fresh and dried mushrooms. We had no scale to measure out the dosage at the time, but a reasonable estimate would be 3-4 grams of dried mushrooms, and 15-20 grams of fresh mushrooms each. Next time get a scale.

We prepared 2 bowls of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup, allowing time for them to cool first, then added finely chopped mushrooms in equal portions to the soup. We allowed the mushrooms to steep in the soup for about 5 minutes before consumption.

A high-rise apartment in downtown metro-Chicago, with great views of the Sears Tower and much of the Chicago skyline, from a covered balcony. It had been raining heavily earlier in the evening, but the skies seemed to clear up for our trip.

Initial effects set in rather quickly, I would say 15 minutes after I consumed the psychoactive soup, the familiar change in thought pattern and enhanced visual clarity were observed. The television was switched off in favor of the musical improvisation of Thelonius Monk "Live at the Five Spot Café 1957". We smoked some good old reliable Humbolt grass, sat back, relaxed and vibed with the music. The tv was on, but I wasn’t too interested in watching, I was having a wonderful time watching the ceiling ebb and flow. The saxophone notes seemed to chase each other around the room, and I began to notice a strange sound whizzing past my head. I have been thinking hard about how to describe this sound, and nothing seems accurate at all, which is very frustrating; it’s sort of a high-frequency continuous tone, that I would hear at random intervals. I couldn’t place the origin of it either, and I knew it wasn’t from any music that I had on. I would hear it very vaguely, then it would get louder and quickly buzz past my head. My ear drums felt a strange buzz for a few seconds and all other noise would disappear, then quickly as it came, it would vanish. This sound was randomly-consistent throughout the entire trip.

Things got even better, when we put the Orb’s "Orbus Terrarium" on. I would recommend that anyone who hasn’t tripped to the Orb before, give it a try; you will not be disappointed. At this point I tried to toke another bowl of herb, but found myself unable to inhale the loving smoke. So I put the bubbler down and decided to close my eyes, and visit the alien vistas of the Orb. I began to float a few feet over my body, and something/someone was prodding me to travel with them to an uncharted dimension. It wasn’t the right time for me just yet, I wanted to go outside first. I promised the anomaly that I would return soon and journey with it to wherever it wanted to take me.

I opened my eyes, and looked over at D. I didn’t speak with him, for it was all telepathic you see. I told him I was going to the balcony to have a look around, and he could join me if he wanted.

I went out to the balcony and gazed out at the city. Everything heaved upon my entrance to the outside. Was the city accepting me, or rejecting my presence? I decided to sit quietly and just watch everything around me. The trees, shrubbery and grass, swayed as if they were plants underwater. An iridescent aura surrounded the greenery, it was darker when it was closer to the plants, but got progressively lighter in hue when it reached the outer perimeter of the aura. This aura was pushing outwards from the plant and into the surrounding atmosphere where it was evenly disbursed. I thought that perhaps I was witnessing the exchange of gases or something, because everything around me defied conventional logic, and I was searching for some sort of explanation to what I was seeing.

D joined me outside and remarked about the beauty of the city and everything around us. We laughed for a bit, because everything was so luminous and beautiful. The buildings and lights off in the distance, were becoming distorted; like when you stare down a long road on a hot day, and see the horizon distort from the heat. Again this explanation is so rudimentary, but it’s the best one I could come up with, it is impossible for me to describe what I saw in words. Everything I saw seemed like it was underwater, yet it wasn’t water, but something lighter, more transparent.

We returned to the living room and switched off the music, then we flipped the tv back on, and watched The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I don’t know why, but Wil and Carlton seemed like the funniest people alive. I laughed so hard my stomach started to hurt, good thing the show is only 30 minutes long, or I could have died laughing. Then Rosan came on, but I didn’t like her at all, so I closed my eyes and decided to contact the anomaly.

Instantly it arrived, it didn’t say anything to me, but just communicated with me, mind to mind. It had been waiting patiently for me to return, so we could travel the stars. We didn’t fly, we weren’t teleported, we didn’t float, we just sort of appeared out of nowhere on some alien world. I’m trying to recall what I saw, but I can’t even explain it to myself, the experience resists any attempt to describe it using words. I just remember sheer beauty and bliss.

I remember thinking about who God was, who Jesus was. I thought that Jesus wasn’t any different from us, and was some hyper-experienced psychonaut able to perform miraculous things using powers that he had gained through the use of psychedelics. People had built religions around this psychedelic visionary, yet they didn’t believe in the power of psychedelics. I felt sad for those who would never experience this awesome power because of ignorance. Simultaneously I felt as though I was communicating with generations of psychedelic pioneers, and even though everyone spoke in different languages, we could all communicate on a telepathic level. So language ceased becoming a barrier between people. The consensus was if everyone could understand what the other was thinking from the other’s perspective, greater understanding could be reached, harmful conflict could be avoided, and dreams of peace, unity, and utopia could be realized.

I felt tapped into minds of thousands of psychedelic beings. Some chose to return to their human bodies and live life on earth, because it intrigued them, and they wanted to enlighten others. Some were disgusted with earthly ways and chose to journey to distant worlds in search of their own utopia. Maybe they transcended normal existence and were able to visit other worlds simply through their minds: not as a physical entity, but as thought-energy; a new life form.

I wondered about aliens. What were they? Who are they? Could it be that they were simply beings like us who have evolved through generations of psychedelic exploration? Could it be that they travel throughout the cosmos, like I had with the anomaly? Perhaps through eons of psychedelic experience, they were able to transcend their bodies, and become entities of pure knowledge, wisdom and energy. I thought about those people who have claimed to see these aliens, and I know some of these accounts are false. But there could be those who have seen them, and for some reason they’re brain function was above normal so they could witness alien visits, yet were not able to understand what they were seeing, because they were not familiar with psychedelics. Perhaps after human beings die this is what we become. Could the aliens be us? Maybe that is how we will evolve. Maybe we are just a thought, or memory, or creation of some powerful psychedelic enigma?

I then realized I had returned to my body, and I opened my eyes. As if I had already asked him for it, D brought me a glass of ice-cold water, I drank the water slowly, and it soothed me; it was the best water I had ever tasted. I tried to tell D what I saw, but nothing came out of my mouth, I was thinking it and I don’t know if he understood what I was describing in my mind. I told him about how I communicated telepathically with people, and he said he was thinking about the same thing.

This was a real powerful trip for me, and I think about it often. Yet try as I might, I just cannot describe what I really saw, either verbally or written. The account above, is a pathetic recollection in comparison to what I witnessed. At times I get frustrated with my feeble understanding, but all I know for sure is that I want to return to this state, so I can begin to try to understand what I was thinking, seeing and feeling.


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