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Anywhere from one to five actually!

So I have been growin potfor nearly a year and a half now and just recently started growing the shroomies.

So I have been growin potfor nearly a year and a half now and just recently started growing the shroomies. Weird thing is I have only been smokin the cheeba for bout 6-8 months. I am the type of person(or at least I was) that thinks things through for a long time, makes sure I do things right and does them on a clear head. I don't drink(did once and I was fuckin retarded for like a week), I don't do man made drugs(as Terrence Mckenna(God rest him) said "I trust what has been used for thousands of years, but why trust something that has hardly been used for 20"; or sumtin like that), and I am a very spiritual person. Nothing can come between me and God, if you think doing herbs(H sound included) and God contradict eachother then sorry but:"knock knock..who's there..Fuck You!"(simply put). Anyways Terrence Mckenna is actually the one that turned me on to the good stuff. I have been readin everything I can get my grubby little hands on, here on Shroomery, for about 4 or 5 months and finally started growin some mushies bout a month and a half ago(sorry if I type a lot). So I got my first batch of babies 4 days ago. They were puny, mal nurished and hardly enough for one person, but they did the job. After I harvested them I had originally intended to let them dry just so that I could have an acurate measurement as to how many I was gonna munch, but that fell through about 10 min after pluckin em. So I chopped those Fuckers up got myself some OJ and swallowed em(I didn't chew, to many bad reports about bad taste). Now I did weigh them before hand and freshly picked they came in at roughly 29 and a half grams, so I am assuming about 3 dried, oh and the types were South American, Mexican Albino, and Guadalajara(close to equal amounts of each...is it bad to mix on first time...?) Just to let you all out ther know it is so much better to ingest you're own home grown goodies than to buy(I'm going off my cannabis usage).
So I ate them. I took the next hour to meditate or to, as I like to call it, think. After about an hour and a half I wasn't feelin nothin so I was start'n to get bummed out. After close to 2 hours I was kinda tired so I decided that they were a bogus batch or something(I didn't know any better) and so I layed down, needless to say I don't remember actually laying down, the first thing I do remember is how funny it was that I was lost in my sheets and how I could not for the life of me stop laughing and also how interesting it was that my arm seemed to attach detach and then reatach itself to my face whenever I touched the two. So after about 20 minutes of just rolling around like a fucking moron and having the time of my life I might add, I got up. Now let me just say that was an experience in itself. Walking seemed to be something that was saved for the level headed and smart people and at that moment in time I was not level headed, I was not smart and I in no way deserved to even try to walk, damn it was fun. It took me about five minutes and about 20 trips around the room to walk the 2 feet from my bed to my recliner(is that how ya spell it?). Once I was there I layed back and watched the little ladder men climb all over eachother on my ceiling. When that was over I finally got to the brain exercises, I realized how futile it was to exist, how fleeting life was, and how much I just wanted to go find some gorgeous girl and introduce her to some shrooms and then fuck like wild bunnies(sorry if that is offensive to you, I'm not normally like that, it was the mushies talkin). So after that I got up and started to pace and think. My brain was racing miles per second and I was having a hard time slowing it down to listen. After a while my tummy started to hurt so I layed down. My body was to worked up to relax so I got up and sat strait up in my chair. As I started to come down my stomach got worse, and as my other babies are far from flowering I had nothin to calm my tummy down. So I did it like them acient Mexi's and rode with it..Big Fuckin Mistake. My mom got home just as I got to the toilet and started dry heaving. She cam in and rubbed my back for a sec and asked me if I was sick(duh)and if there was anything she could do. I started to talk and realized that my voice was almost gone. I asked her if she knew what that was flotin in the toilet(little bits came up)she said it looked like a baby mushroom, I smiled, she laughed and walked away. My parents are both pretty cool infact my dad does a lot of stuff with me, he just lives in another state. After about 20 min in front (and on a little) of the toilet I went in to bed. Over the next hour I think I made one maybe two more trips to the batroom, I'm not sure. All in all it was the funnest(yes, yes, funnest) time I have ever had, it even tops when I got stoned the first time.
Other cool stuff that haappened includes looking in the mirror at my huge pupils, trying to pee while also trying to focus on standing, trying (very miserably)to play my guitar and sing(I think I got that part on tape), <---oh yeah and watching the video of part of my trip the next day.
FYI:I'm a guy, I'm 20, and I work at the most famous store in the world..MickyD's.
Peace and Love
My e-mail is so_bored_20@yahoo.com if interested in talkin.

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