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An unexpected guest shows up..........

Brief overview about me first.

Brief overview about me first.I am orginally from the DEEP SOUTH but at the time of this journey I was in Illinois.I have always been very openminded about others opinions/cultures.

Okay, here we go......... So here I am working and living in a big city in the Midwest. Naturally, pokeing fun at my Southern draw was a given,jokes about us being racist and ignorant usually ran right off my back. Overtime I started partying ith a guy from work, we would smoke up go to bars and then one day he tells me about his buddy from Oregan was in town and brought some shrooms. now I was big time excited eventhough the last time I took shrooms was in Jamaica and was lucky to get a level 2 and had never been to a five. So he comes over at 4:00pm Friday. He holds out these X-mas foil choclates we tear open two and both are made of different castings. Mine was like Santas Head and his was a reindeer, they about the size of those chocolate covered cherries. The foil wasn't reused and these bad boys looked factory made.
After we both took one we poed some brews and got out the grass. Now I lived in an apartment building with people on both sides of us. Aftertwenty minutes we decide to eat another one each.I am very speculative that its gonna be like always and fun but not a 5. So I say "lets spilt another one" We did and he called his friends that had taken then last week and they said we were crazy that one F&*$ them up big time. RIght hen he relayed the message to me as when I was having a hard time chewing that half cause it suddenly tasted a lot different.. I started blowing up and hearing him say that we where crazy affected the hell out of my tastes buds. OMG, I starting to blow up inside it takes all I have to focus on getting to the stereo and playing tunes.
My buddy is quiet as hell at this point. He hung up the phone just a minute or year ago I do not know. Fast forward to the herd of cattle migrating down the hallway and under the front door. The dvds are all extremely long snakes slithering upward with neither a head or tail just longass snakes thats all. The walls and ceiling rubber at this point. Oh crap ! One of favorite songs just started. Now I am floating in the rainbow clouds that only take me in the kitchen and den, I glance down to prepare for landing being cautious that I can hit the sofa cause the cattle are hauling some serious ass and I don't want to disrupt them on thier important task. I try to land like as if I got a hang-glider.Okay Im ready, I drop and afterwards I was so happy that I didn't need an extra step cause that would take away from the judges score on the dismount. Right when I am curious what my score clarity coimes back and my buddy i sitting on the floor starring straight and having a hard time talking but then I realize I am as well.The cattle are gone and I concentrate to check on him.
He then says " I know what you did". Huh?My flying?? No you know, they aren't gonna get me because I know and by knowing I win. He then proceeds to tell me that I am a undercover cop that is up North on sting operations and that I planted a bug in his shoe. By telling me this the visual start getting unbearable to the point that I do not want to see.After a bad period I convince him to chill and turn the music up. Cattle comes back,and then... BANG BANG BANG!!! "was that the door man?" I like a dumbass because I start to open the door then feel even dumber after realizing that I regret not looking in the peephole first; like I was going to be able to notice who it really was.
One second later I open the door and its my neighbor. I cannot look at her longer than a milasecond. She smokes a lot of Meth and I not one judge what others do but doing that on a consistant basis is nutts and it affects my trip. She starts asking us what we where doing and I muster up enough to speak,its getting bad... "I've always wanted to do that" she says.. "Do have anymore?" I tell no and then she says "You don't know this but I'll do anything, ANYTHING !!" Now when sober she has a nice body and all but her lifestyle was killing me. She started hitting on both of us and wanting something to happen right then and my friend lost the English langauge way back so I doing all I can to get her out.I cannot look at her cause it hurts and she starts touching me and I just thought about her two and half year old son, how he did live with either of his parents and was a great kid. Thats when I focused and told her no and to leave.
After that I rebounded back to a happy place for a while but could tell her visit influenced me the rest of the way. I hurt so bad for that kid to the point I started to fight it and slowly and became so numb and had no emotions. I could not get Sad,Happy,etc... I was a robot. I told my bud and he snapped back to reality to comfort me and he started thinking it was going to get worse but I never did cause I didnt feel &^%$! After waht seems like hours I come back and start having fun again, I might've had fun then, I do not know and never will......

Was it worth it? Oh yeah !! Dont answer the door. I gotta go see if the snakes are done.....

Shine on you Crazy Diamond........ Peace

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