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An Island of Blue

…(continued from The Prologue) The trip was indeed at it’s peek.

…(continued from The Prologue)

The trip was indeed at it’s peek. Every sense was intensified a hundred fold. My mind began to race and the words spilled onto the tiny pages. This is what I wrote verbatim.

“I have come to think that we are of one thought and being. That there is only one. There is a beautiful feeling that arises before sleep. I find my self. –chapter one.

Here I am. Wallace is speaking of many things up on the hill. I sit in the small valley on a log and think. THERE IS ONLY ONE.. No more no less. Strange as it sounds it is “that”. “That” is what we are. The connection…

…of ideas is the key. If we can connect what is self to what is not we can see. I am calm. My mind is one. ---Damn this spoken word. I laugh at it. It is weak to describe what I think.---

a new page. – I like new things. A bird slowly orbits around a tree. It and the tree are one and the same. In my belly I disire a “new”. Wallace speaks…

“”there is something spectacular”” he yells “”in nothing.”” Wow! I thought. This log that I sit on has been here a long time. –I enjoy this emensly. “We become distracted with language…

…try as we might it does not hold enough to…what happened to my idea? –I enjoy losing myself. –Actually today is Saturday……but who the hell cares.

I must live in the now. I must live in the infinite here of here. –Ah…Wallace echos my written word in his thought. ----AGAIN. If I may. There is one. His ideas and my…

…ideas are one. The connection is such. –We become confused with our past. –Do not. We are now. We are…as Wallace would say, “” Never been known to be for “”

It make sense. Maybe- we just need to be HERE. If I accept the world….blah…humor again. God damn I had a bubble of…

…a thought. What a nice page. A thought graces it’s top. I accept the world. –as boy I speak---“man this shit has really flipped blah blah blah”

My ideas our everyone else’s. If I can see this I can……..and now a brief thought on the word “can”………..blah

“” I am forever “” Wallace yells it back at the forest. Ok. Nature is a calm feeling….feeling is what is, and what …

…is the same about everything. For purposes of reading later. Six large birds circle. ----it is amazing, it is the beauty of seeing everything for the first time. I capyutre words –Wallace speaks “” There is this thing…

…called love “” --but then he trails of into madness. But the beauty is it is my own—it is everywhere. Now if I were to describe it through math. OH…

…for gods sake. It continues. Do not ask questions –asking questions is avoiding the answer. Tea. – A laugh. These things that make…

…a person live. Again------- the page is for me. I want to use math …but why?…. I know Wallace sees the connection.

And like that ….the hawks have gone. THE CONNECTION!! We try to describe it. ONE. It is easy. Wallace speaks “” ever born anew “”

--even in sleep we try…..I laugh at the dream. “” HOLIDAY, WALLACE ARE YOU LISTENING “” Wallace yells. And for gods sake I write.

I get caught by beautiful ideas. Beautiful feeling. --feeling “” Ever evolving with out looking back “” ----this body wants sleep

And so I write I write the past

-AH I. The me. So small there is one.

This in itself is a beautiful thing.”

……….and with that I laid down with my head on the log. Behind my eyelids I saw amazing fractals of red and yellow. The sun poured down on the earth. I held very still and I began to hear a single sound. It came up through me. Through my hands and my chest. It was a huge sound. A constant hum or note. It filled my head and ears. I believe it was this sound, this feeling, that inspired Om. That inspired everything. It was everything.

Everything was everything.

It was one.

…(continued in My Belief)

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