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WEDNESDAY That day was fun.

That day was fun. I had met up with one of my old boys. I had 25 dollars and my original plan was that I'd pick a couple of G'S of pot, but that all changed when I bumped into my firend. He said he new where we could get really good shrooms. So I said "Lets do it" I bought three G's for 24. The grahms had blue stems and shiny gold caps. I popped two and my firend popped 1. 20 minutes alter we were gone. The both of us were in the Hazeldean Mall. I swear the ground had been trying to crawl up my leg. We dedcided to walk into a pet shop and look around. The pet shop was a good idea. The parrots,and fish were really and I mean really trippy to look at. The buzz was great but near the end of it I was getting paranoid. I started to think that maybe I was a human but I was not in my planet and that everybody new that and were playing a game on me. I kept on saying to mysefle "I'm catching on. This planet is just a game and that I shouldn't be here. Well soon enough the buzz went away and I was back home. I ate dinner and crashed around 7pm

That afternoon my other friend said to come to Bayshore because his friend who was dealing mushrooms at the time was going to give him 2 G's because he had owed him some cash. I popped one and he popped one plus we smoked two grahm joints.I knew I wouldn't get as high off one because I had done two the day before. But I the weed helped and I recieved a little bit of a body buzz. But no visuals.

Oh man what a day. That day I was meeting up with the same freind from the night before. On my way to his house I was walking through a High School field. There I found a wallet laying on the ground with two twenties a ten and a five. 65 dollars. Then the school bell rang and there was somebody I knew that was dealing mushrooms. The same guy I picked off of on wendesday. I asked him if he ahd mush for sale and he said yes. The funny thing here is that he was pissed off because during his gym class witch was outside, he told me his wallet had been stolen or went missing. He told me there was 65 dollars in it. Im like oh shit im really sorry to hear about that on.."NOT" Anyway I bought 5 grahms for 40 40 bucks and went on my way. On my way to buddy's house I bumped into 2 of my other freinds who were going to there house to puff fatty's. I paid 5 bucks and got smoked on 3 grahms. Then I ran to my buddy's house to show him the treats I had for me and him. When I got there he was so happy cause he thought it would be a typical friday. get drunk and high. When he planned what we were doing we took a stroll to our dealers house, I bought two grahms of pot and he only bought one. I rolled 6 joints and he rolled 3. Our dealer Rolled 3 as well and we had a session. But first we popped our shrooms. I popped all three of mine at once. I gave him two. Then came out the spliffs. we smoked 6 joints then went for a walk. The shrooms had kicked in and I had lifted from Earth into another dimensials. I started feel bad. He walked and walked to find a place to smoke the rest of our weed. We went into a forest type area to puff. The tree's and ground I swear were telling "YOU HAVE DIED." I started to majorly bad trip. After smoking all those joints we walked to a convience store to buy a drink. When I got my drink I had to waite in line. I started to tell everybody that I was going to die and needed to be served first so I could drink my diet coke before I die. The clerk said "Shut up" I then ran out of the store with my drink and told my friends to run. We ran and ran to we arrived in my budd's neighbourhood. We sat down on the front stairs outside. I started to feel like I was dying. I took off and left my friend there. He was yelling where are you going. I said Going somewhere to go somwhere. The ground,sky everything around me was bouncing up and down and I lost total control. I arrived to the school where I got the shrooms and made it there right when the afterschool bell rang. I walked in there was the fat principal with a walkie talky in his hand. I stared at his face and it was meting. I started to rub his face saying please help me. There are alot of army men after me and I think they have infected with some sort of rare disesase and im going to die in your school. It got to the point where I couldn't walk and I started crawling in on the office floor in the school. I was rolling around laughing,crying,screaming saying please god I dont want to die. Finally the ambulance came and they took my pulse and it was 120 over 80 I think. I dont remeber what he said. They put on an oxygen mask over my face and I kept on saying that If I die I want to be creamated. When I looked up at the paramedics and the both principal they looked like they were laughing at me and knowing that I was going to die. On the ride to the hospital I could see green and bright red bats with yello eyes flying outside. The ambulance driver asked me do you know what day it is? I said no! Do you know your name? Not really! Do you know what month it is? UM UM UM.AHH Fuck ive done it this time. I dont even know that! What time of day it is? No! When I got to the hospital I kept on asking the nurses am i dead? There was no respoce? That's when I realized that I must be dead. Laying in the hospital bed in front of me was my dead uncle ross, my dead uncle percy. They were singling to me with there hands to come with them. I looked the other way towards a white wall trying to fight off death. I could see them in the corner of my eye but soon they left. 20 minutes later things came in place. I got up grabbed my jacket,took the IV out of my hand and ran out of the hospital. The Hospital was very far from my house. I started to walk home. The time was 5 by the time I got home it was 9pm. My mom popped in the house and was screaming. She said I had been on the news and she saw it at 6 and rushed to the hospital. When she got there I had already left. She told me pack your begs your going to DETOX. So I went to DETOX and a week later came home. That was the most powerful and ultimate high. Another thing to add. When I walked home I honestly thought I was a dead man walking and that I hadn't made it to heaven. Well I hope all that decide to do mushrooms don't have an embarassing incident like I had. Have a good one!!! :)

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