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Amazing but scarey

I've done shrooms before, and had a pretty good buz, but this was so much different from the other times.

I've done shrooms before, and had a pretty good buz, but this was so much different from the other times. I was with one of my other friends and we were just planning on driving around. I took about a gram at 7pm, and they started working around 7:30. It was all good though. I remember I was telling my friend a story, and I just started to laugh.

My friend didn't take any because she had to drive, and she just doesn't want to. We decided to go to Dariy Queen because it was actually a nice day outside. The whole way there I just couldn't stop laughing. I didn't understand what was so funny. The sky, and the street lights were really bright. When we got there it was packed, but we still wanted ice cream.

We had to park across the street though because there were no more parking spaces. After we crossed the street my friends is like, oh shit I left my lights on. By this time she had to help me walk because I was stumbling over my own feet. So she just leaned me against a street lamp to go turn her lights off.

So I'm leaning against this pole and still laughing my ass off, and I'm by myself. I can't imiagne how funny I must have looked. So my friend comes back and we go inside to order. I'm suprised that I actually was able to order. But yeah I got a large cone which I never finished because I couldn't stop laughing long enough to eat it before it started melting.

2 hours later we were on the highway, and I was still going strong! It felt like we were in Toronto with all the lights, but we were still in our small town of Brampton. The lights were spinning around me, and there were lazer beams coming from under my friends van.

Everything was so bright and wonderful. The road signs with pedistrians on them were waving to me, and people were no longer driving cars but were riding on magic carpets. That was really werid. My friend just looked at me and was like, man your fucked. That just made me laugh even harder.

By now I was at my peak. My friends face changed completely into a different person. I didn't know who was in the car. Then I said I wanted to go to Macdonalds to see one of my friends. She finally drove me there. When I got out of the car I fell on the ground. I started laughing because I couldn't feel my legs. Eventually I got up and walked inside.

When I got inside, I swear there was like this purple haze around the ceiling. It was kind of freaky but I liked it. One of my friends saw me, and he was like dude whats up you look stoned. He knew I was on shrooms too so he understood. My other friend said she had to use the washroom and I thought that I need to go as well. My legs were still numb but I felt something running down my legs. It freaked me out because I thought I was pissing my pants. I ran to the bathroom to check, but everything was dry.

I suddenly became very irritaed and scared. I was paranoid and wanted to go home. My friend was just talking like she didn't even hear me. By now my trip was starting to go bad. I was very scared and told her that she needed to take me home or I would call my dad. She thought I was about to cry so she agreed to.

On the way home I said I was sorry for freaking out and that I didn't understand why I did it. She said it was okay and we drove around a bit more. The 2 hours of my trip were kind of scary and depressing. It seemed as they wore off, I became more and more depressed. Eventually they all wore off and I felt like myself again.

All in all, it was a fun trip. The thing that set me up for my bad trip was my enviroment. I felt safe in my friends van driving around and admiring the lights. Inside Macdonalds around a lot of people is what scared me. If you want a good trip, be in a safe quite enviroment where you can enjoy your trip.

Happy Triping to all!!

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