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Amanita Muscaria + Salvia Dininorum = Little People

Pre-Empt: Me and my girl wanted to do some hallucinogens for spiritual finding and cleansing and i had picked up and ounce of grade A+ Washington red caps and a gram of Salv.


Me and my girl wanted to do some hallucinogens for spiritual finding and cleansing and i had picked up and ounce of grade A+ Washington red caps and a gram of Salv. 10x. Myself: Male, 21, 6'0, 185 lbs. Girl: 20, 5'10, 135 lbs


Dimly lit apartment with bob Marley and pink Floyd Cd's playing. We had just made dinner and Added the red caps. She ground up one golf ball shaped and sized cap and threw it in with her rice, i ate two Two 5 inch red caps after my rice and chicken.

The Trip:

As amanita takes a little time to get started we decided to watch a movie. We watched chronicles of narnia lion witch and wardrobe on dvd and once that was over we tried to find a way to make a bong to smoke the salvia. we were starting to feel the euphoria and she was twitching. I was walking around the apartment and kept getting confused as to where i had just left the pipe or my cigarettes or my lighter or my cup of juice..basically anything i wanted i couldn't find and the apartment started stretching and growing longer to walk from one end to another. we decided it was best to just sit on the floor with Marley playing and put everything we wanted directly in front of us.

I decided to use my small glass pipe to smoke the salvia and use water and juice to cancel out the harshness. I packed a fairly small bowl and then lit it with a butane torch lighter and sucked until the cherry went out then let off the carb and continued to suck in the rest of the smoke. While holding it in the lights started to flicker and dim and i didn't realize it was only in my head. As i exhaled everything fell apart. he he well heres the best explanation i can give from my point of view inside of my head as to what was about to happen:

As the smoke blew out my face started to soften and almost melt and as i sat there steadily and slowly exhaling the world became a mosaic. But the mosaic wasn't of colors but of small people. the Marley song started being sung by a woman who was singing "we are all made up of little people you and i and even her" as i looked around the apartment it wasn't like i was looking from my actual body but from inside my head at a sandbox filled with tiny people in bright clothing. anytime something moved it was the tiny little people running around to make it move. and then the song started singing "hit the bowl again to see the truth" with the same eerie woman's voice. The little people then all noticed i was watching them and they started to get edgy. I started to realize now that i was tripping, and i was became scared because my girlfriend was made up of little people and i didn't want them to run away because then she would no longer exist. the little people then started running around to make it look as though her mouth was moving but i couldn't hear anything. the little people held up letter signs that said "REMI YOUR TRIPPING NOW".

With this i had become terrified because i had never tripped this hard before. I realized it was my girlfriend talking and i started laughing hysterically trying to enjoy the tip but still terrified in my own mind. the music was starting to turn back into steel rhythmic drums and the little people started "popping" like pop corn to reveal reality. I told her to take a hit but my words were long and slow as i started to regain control. i came back into reality and realized i was remi and that i loved my girl. Still feeling kind of loopy i tried telling her that there were little people everywhere. So now of coarse she wanted to take a hit but she had to pee so i turned the CD player back a few tracks to play the little people song again. the song started off the same way and as she smoked the bowl which i packed for her i listened intently to hear the same womens voice. Thats when i realized the woman singing was in my head.

Now my girl hasn't smoked weed in about 5 years and when she hit the whole bowl of salvia she just geeked. she said the colors got bright and she felt good but I'm assuming she didn't trip as hard because she ate far less amanita then i did. so intent on finding the little people again and trying to explain them better i smoked another bowl. and this time they only peeked around the corners hear and there and as i tried to point them out my girl was just amused at my trip. She smoked another bowl and started doing tarot cars which according to her the figures on the cards started to move and tell her what each one meant which she was happy about because she didn't have to look in the book every 5 seconds to figure out. I was feeling very strung out now as about an hour had passed since i first smoked the salvia and she decided it was best to get some sleep. i decided i should take one last big bowl to myself and see what happens. This is where it got bad.

AS i inhaled i felt my face melt just as i did earlier that evening and the lights went dim and then there they were. but this time they started scattering and fleeing. they seemed upset by the fact that i wanted to bring them back and they turned into little cars and started driving off. i buried my face into the pillow because i felt guilty and ashamed for the way i treated them and as my face was in the pillow the little people built a flashing neon sign around my head that said "He's Tripping" in flashy curvy Vegas style lights. Part of me thought that this was something that happened to everyone when they trip this hard but i was better then everyone else so i pulled the sign off my head which i could feel and i saw the little people scatter in every which direction and i crush the sign jumped up and shook my head and spun in a few vigorous circles to get the little fuckers off of me. i went into hate bathroom and flushed my face a few times with water and looked in the mirror. at first my face seemed blue and pink and purple and i took it as thats how i naturally look. then it all started to fade and i saw myself regular old me dripping with water and slightly confused and scared staring back at me in the mirror.

I crawled back into bed with my girlfriend now back out of the salvia and told her what just happened. she said i zoned out buried my face in the pillow threw the pillow went a little crazy and went into the bathroom. As i started to fall asleep our auras glowed and i felt piece yet fright from her. I apologized a few times told her i loved her then passed out. The dreams i had i cant really remember but they were colorful and free of little people.

I plan on using this combination again sometime in a week or two. It is currently two days after the trip and i finally feel completely "normal" again. The best part of that whole evening was that it was all completely legal were i live. only salvia and amanita. the intense trips didn't last long but it was a small bowl and it was harsh which prevented heavy inhalation. But the amanita just provided a background of euphoria and color stimulation. I believe this is owed alot to the salvia although i have smoked salvia alone with nothing else in my system many times and have never experienced anything this visual and intense.

I hope this helps a few of you out and the underlying theme is. Dint try to control your trips, let them happen they happen the way they do and try not to go into them with worries or fears. Peace out fellow Psychonauts.


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