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am i pooping?

my first time shrooming i took a half 8th and had an awesome time.

my first time shrooming i took a half 8th and had an awesome time. there were really cool visuals and i laughed at everything. i loved it. so i figured for my second time i'd take a full 8th.

me and four other friends met at our friend's house. we smoked some weed and we ate the shrooms. we also took a lot of vitamin c and drank orange juice cuz it was supposed to make us trip harder. our goal that night was to take a nice little walk in the mountains near our house and chill on top of the mountain which has a big white cross on the top. when we started to feel the high coming on we decided to start walking. it was pretty fun walking up there. we felt like we were at disneyland and stuff like that, the typical trip.

about half way to the cross it felt like i was crapping my pants. i kept saying out loud "am i pooping?" which is something my friends will never forget. we got to the more difficult part of the walk and i felt like i couldnt walk anymore. i felt like i needed to sit down. i sat down and was breathing hard. everyone was asking if i was alright and by that time the shrooms were hitting me hard and i was in my own world.

every time i tried to talk to someone they looked so confused by what i was saying. i thought i was speaking normal but apparently i was talking total jibberish, although i managed to say i felt like i was dying. after that i lied down again and started to feel that i was under water and i needed to swim to the surface for air. it also felt that when i lied down time slowed down dramatically and when i sat up it sped up again.

when we finally made it to the cross i just sat alone next to it staring at the lights below and i guess i started to wig out a little. i started thinking about weird things and i thought i started crying, i kept asking "am i crying?" cuz it felt like tears were coming out my eyes. somewhere on that mountain i lost my glasses. i felt that i had to get away from the cross. it made me uncomfortable. so i started to walk back down the trail to my friend's house. and everytime i looked back the cross was the same distance behind me, as if i was moving. my friends with me tried to stop me but i wouldnt listen. i walked down and they were following me. then as we got back down to the road i was laying on the floor again (i dont remember this happening but my friends told me about it) a car drove by and i smacked the side of it with my hand. thank god they didnt stop or kick my ass or something.

a minute later i guess i lost my friends some how, which was really bad cuz i couldnt tell where the hell i was even though i had been up to the cross a ton of times. some how everyone managed to walk past me with out seeing me. i was probably passed out on the floor somewhere.

next thing i remember is, i was laying on the floor (yet again) and i saw this cactus plant near me. it's "arm" was reaching out as if trying to touch me. being the polite young man i am i decided to shake it's hand. i remember playing with the cactus, bouncing it on my hand and stuff.

next thing i remember is walking around a turn and hearing a million sounds and voices with me. i thought my friends were still walking behind me and talking to me. then next thing i know im on the floor playing with dirt. i was rubbing it on my skin and in my hair... i have no idea why. then i saw headlights comin around the bend. luckily i had enough sense to get up out of its way.

after that i remember being on my friend's street finally and walking towards his house. i walked into the garage (where his room is) and got to the door. i was still tripping hard and kinda just figured i could walk thru the door without opening it. after my rude confrontation with mr. door i realized i didnt have any super powers and opened it.

i was so surprised and confused when i saw all my friends there already because i still thought they were right behind me. when they saw me come in they all yelled my name as if they were surprised to see me. it was all so confusing. i layed in his room and they told me i was by myself out there and that was real strange to me.

i passed out again and was awoken by my friend falling on top of me. i then stared at my hands for a little while and tried to get the cactus needles out. it was about that time when i realized i didnt have my glasses on, and they told me that i lost them somehow.

at the time it seemed like all my friends were sober and knew what they were doing. but apparently they didnt have great trips either. the shrooms we got didnt give us good hallucinations at all. just a crazy mindfuck.

it was a crazy ass trip and now when i trip after that i want to have a babysitter with me. and the "am i pooping?" line gets brought up every time i hang out with those same people i tripped with.

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