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Am I in a Painting or the Matrix?

I bought a qp of shrooms from my friend for my first trip ever.

I bought a qp of shrooms from my friend for my first trip ever. I was so excited that I took them right as I got them with two friends who stayed sober to babysit. I took 2 g's at first then about 30 min later I took the rest of an eigth. After about an hour I started trippen ballz. I saw my t.v picture come out in three-D and wrap around my walls for a few seconds then go back to being regular t.v. The intense colors were the most amazing thing in the world, along with the ability to see the Bob Marley music in the background. I can't explain how I saw it but it was there. I watched my couch and rug flow back and forth for about an hour until things got FUCKED up. My friend got ahold of some vodka at my house and got trashed while I watched a picture on my wall morph. I saw a boat pop out of the water with about 20 people on it, but it was only about a foot long, just sailing around on my wall. It was WEIRD. I was chillen up till then then I was screwed. I saw the DEVIL himself walking in my couch with his huge trident in his hand. I started to think about everything imaginable, such as am I dead? Are my friends really my friends? Why would they do this to me? My ceiling had the letters MSH all over, along with SEAGULLS FLYING ALL OVER PICKING UP HUMAN SKULLS AND FLYING OFF INTO SOME DISTANT LAND(this all happened in the ceiling). I noticed my friend had the letters on his forehead and then he started to MELT, truely fuckin melt as if a fire were under him sending him to HELL. But when I blinked, it was all gone, he was back to normal, with the exception of the letters on his head. I was so scared I can't put it into words, but it got worse. I was peaking and forgot where I was, though I was at MY house, so I asked my friend where we were and he told me we were at his house, JUST KIIDING RIGHT?, and then WALLS IN MY HOUSE STARTED TO MORPH INTO THE WALLS AT HIS HOUSE and I nearly pissed myself. I looked outside to try and escape the nightmare but it looked as if I were in a painting, I had no depth perception at all and everything was almost 1D. I hid under a shirt to try and escape the seagulls I though were after me, but I just saw it all even with my eyes closed. The worst part was the way it messed with my time perception. I had been high hundreds of times but never like this. Then my friend told me to smoke some bud to calm me down, but it made the trip too weird. I blew out the smoke but the smoke that came out of my mouth formed an arrow and seemed to shoot out of my window as if shot from a bow. The last thing I remember was thinking I was Neo in the matrix and had to call Morphius to get me out, only I couldnt find my cell phone so I hid under the covers of my bed where I sat for about 4 hours. The trip lasted for about 8 hours, way too long for me. When I was comming down, I had a really interesting experience. When I walked my dog, yes I walked my dog, I saw a huge face in all the trees and a huge face in the sky that I though was God, and it made me really happy for some reason. When I was on the sidewalk, it felt as though I were on a huge escalator moving at an incredibly fast speed. At this point I felt normal but looking back it was probably about a 3 on the trip scale, and this is the come down. I dont think too many people have had something like this, at least according to a friend who has shroomed over 300 times.
In all, there fun if you don't have to stop one of your friends from literally committing suicide while your on them and if you can handle some intense visuals. I did like the first hour or two so I did them again two weeks later and had a great time, only I took 2g's, no more. lol

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