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am dam copalandia (hawian)

well this was the second mushroom tripid been on in amdam.

well this was the second mushroom tripid been on in amdam.
i have taken all types of mushrooms and wanted this trip to be special so i took the stongest type of mushroom. Ive taken these before and had an amazing trip but wanted to have an outerbody experience like no other. So i took 25 grams of the fresh copalandia. Im experienced and i took too much so let this be a warning to you. I got what i wanted a complete out of body experience for 6 hrs i had no concept of who i was, what i was doing, was i dead alive, i couldnt decipher between reality and the trip. Lukly i took the shrooms at night in our apartment.

the coming up on the shroom was like any other trip but this felt more intense, the rushes were there but my body tingled from head to foot. At this point i new that this was going to be strong, Within 10 mins i was trippin my tits off,

I had to go home at this point, if i hadnt i dont know what i would have done. once i got home with my patner, i crashed on the bed, and didnt move for nearly 2 hrs. the room became an open space where i floated off in to, i was wrapped in my mind i had no senses they all merged and i becams another being, i felt like a spirit, i couldnt make sense of anything, the hallucinations wernt severe, the room moulded around me the walls were running and the ceiling wastalking to me but nothing too heavy, the peak of this trip was in my head, i had to keep with reality and tell myself that this was going to stop and i was inanother state of conciousnous. I Decided to go for a shower but this was a bad idea. I hadnt eaten on the shrooms but they made me sick i threw up in the bathroom and my sick was alive, it crawled and mooved it spilled over the pan on to the floor, now the hallucionations had kicked in and it felt wrong. i turned the shower on and the wter surrounded me it moulded to me, i was sat on the shower floor but in my head i was swimming in the most amazing water, the water was like velvet on my skin it flowwed so beautifly, i must have been in there for nearly 2 hrs because my skin was wrinkled to hell, at this point i hadnt realised that id been in the shower fully clothed i had peel my clothes off, it felt like i was peeling my skin off, which was disturbing.

anyway i crashed again and again i became another person i knew then that i wasnt going out, i wouldnt have been safe,

my patner bless him was worried for me, beacuse he had never seen me trip like this, i had never seen me trip like this. The only bad part of this was the come down. I came down heavy for at least 3 hrs i was just sat in my bed coming to terms with what i had experienced, my emotions has been on a roller coaster and now was the time to let it all out. so i did i cried for 1 hr solid, now im not the crying type, but it felt good to get it all out. thinking back this trip was something i will never forget. The most intence feeling n my life, this was better than sex and worse that a death. I will take copalandia agian but not so much because even i struggled to comprihend that this had happened. I was free for 6 hrs away fro life an amazing flight. i will do this again soon i hope.

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