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Altered Reality

I got the shrooms at school on Friday, after school, it was about 10 grams but I didn't pay for it all, there were 5 of us.

I got the shrooms at school on Friday, after school, it was about 10 grams but I didn't pay for it all, there were 5 of us. Anyhow, we each did about 2 grams and then went out to the porch and smoked a couple joints.

They took about an hour to kick in. But when they did it was crazy.

I was walking with the group from the park when all of a sudden I started feeling them. Everything started to breathe and after about 20 minutes the ground started turning into a swamp and trees started to grow around me, however it was only trees that already existed, but I couldn't comprehend this. Each tree had a set of viens and blood was running up to the top into the leaves and then dripping down on everyone.

When we got back to my friends house I kept forgetting that time existed and that we had even gone for a walk. I started watching tv, but kept thinking I was in the TV show. My girlfriend had told me a story earlier that day about something that happened to her and when I watched the TV I flashbacked to earlier that day and was watching us on TV doing what we did earlier. It was really fucking scary so I freaked out and fell onto the floor where another friend was laying around acting like a dog and trying to catch his face. Alot more time went by... it felt like 2 hours but it was more like 10 minutes, when we decided to walk around some more. This was at around 11:00pm.

Since we had to walk home we all split up in seperate directions. I started to walk home but couldn't control my legs. I stood in one spot for twenty minutes and was sure I was walking but every time I looked around I realized I was in the same spot. I finally figured out how to walk again but it turned out I was in an etch a sketch and could only move in the 4 basic direction, so I had to divise to plan to get home with this primitive movement pattern. Suddenly I started to sink into the ground and it became level with my chest. I figured out that if I reached forward I could grab the ground in front of me and pull myself along. I finally made it to a street sign where I pulled myself up out of the ground. Suddenly I decided it would be a good idea to run, so I did, but I wasn't able to stop because I couldn't remember how to. After a few minutes I realized I was running directly down the middle of the road towards a car. I though I was a cat with really bright yellow eyes so I was going to kick it in the head for running at me when suddenly it honked and scared the shit out of me. I dove towards the ground to the left of me and scrapped me knee off the ground. I must have walked some more because I was suddenly standing under a street sign, staring straight up... I was lying on the ground. I got up, dusted myself off, and started off again. By this time was about 1:00am. I walked the rest of the way home, though I was again in etch a sketch mode, and suddenly everything looked like I was staring into one of those 3D pictures that you cross your eyes to look at. Everything was out of proportion. I looked up at the moon and thought it was a spotlight from a GPS satelitte. I started walking again and noticed that my pants were making drum beats and thought I heard guitar music in the background. I was now on my porch and realize I had to go inside. I opened the door, immediatly walked downstairs and went in my room.

By this time I was totally fucked. I laid in my bed, but all of a sudden I wasn't in my body anymore. I was in a large maze and couldn't find my way out. I spent two hours walking around this lambrinth. I thought that my friends were just figments of my imagination that I had created in order to keep me company within this place. I didn't know what the date was and thought school was something that I had drempt about. I didn't know that the world existed anymore. All of a sudden I was made up completely of tiny squares and my body started to make music as the squares flowed back and forth. I finally realized I had been staring at my ceiling the entire time and tried to look at the clock, but the numbers flew away. I ran around my room trying to catch the numbers. I searched through my closet, my cupboard, under my bed, and everywhere. I rip the sheets off my bet and tore the plastic on the matress to try and find them. Finally I gave up and decided to listen to music. I stared at my stereo for ten minutes but couldn't figure out how to turn it on so I decided instead that I would again attempt to watch television. I turned it to channel 19 and it was an episode of Star Trek where Data forgot who he was... what a coincidence I concluded. All of a sudden I was aboard the enterprise and was in the transporter room. I was in full star fleet gear and beamed down to the surface where Data was located. I spent the next half hour trying to explain to Data who he was. I passed out shortly after this and about 20 minutes later (2:30am) my brother broke in my room and blamed me for stealing his money. I thought he was a member of the mofia who was hire to collect money from me. Suddenly I was in a dark black, smokey room. A large man in a black suit pushed me back against a chair and kept yelling at me for his money. I tried to pleed with him and explain that I hadn't taken the money but he wouldn't listen. My brother must have left because I was again alone in my room. I decided I had better take a shower because I had been lying on the ground in the maze and walked (or stumbled) out of my room and went in the shower. I showered for about 2 mins, maybe even 1, but I stood in there saying, "how long have I been in here? Has it been 20 minutes? 2 days? People are going to start looking for me, I better get out". So I dried myself off a bit, and went and laid down in my bed again. I was still went so water was running off my forehead and running down my face. I thought my nose was bleeding so I grabbed klennex and held my head back. I wasn't bleeding.. I checked in the mirror. I closed my eyes, but the room didn't go away. I kept spacing out and hearing music. The world around me kept changing colors and getting brighter. The pictures on my wall sprang off and were running around my room and ridiculing me.

Around 3-4 am I started to come down. I was able to once again comprehend time. I understood that I was a living human being and that the world existed. I knew I had been places that day and started to remember them. I was able to get to sleep a bit later and woke up this morning completely rested.

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