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Alone into the void

First off, male, 40 years old, used to trip often as a younger person way back in the early 70’s.

First off, male, 40 years old, used to trip often as a younger person way back in the early 70’s. Done all except shrooms which I’ve taken up as a hobby about a year ago. This wasn’t my first shroom trip, but one to write in the books of my life.
It started at 9:30 am with less than I had done the time before, about 2.75 to 3 g of a special strain that I put aside for a special trip. No one was home for I took off work on a Friday. The old lady was at work but knew that I was “exploring”. Told her not to call as this would bug me out. I own a home with a swimming pool, BIG backyard, all fenced in.
About 9:45 it started kicking in. I set-up my music previously but wasn’t into it. For the first hour or two I hung out in my little ones room. Stuffed animals, cars ,figures and just the childish atmosphere of the room entranced me. The shrooms were coming on harder and harder. I went thru some kinda of spacey-ness and mild time/zone astral projection for a while. After an hour or two the need for a change of scenery came necessary.
Into the living room for a while, then into the bedroom. I was really restless wherever I went. I ended up on the bed going thru a lot of emotional baggage. Man, I must have cried for an hour! Tears of joy about my child, my wife and life in general. Then tears of regret of how I had recently been acting. I stumbled to the bathroom to wash the tears from my face. The experience opened my eyes to my true self in ways that I had never experienced before. More so than any LSD that I had done. REAL LSD, not the crap on the market today.
Anyhow, things started to get a bit dark from here. The lawn maintence people for our community came thru. I got somewhat paranoid. Thank G-d they left! All the while the trip is becoming more and more intense. I go from room to room. I’m telling myself “you’re alright”, “you’re alright”. Ego death didn’t occur. Instead, self realization, or
As I call it-“Face to face with >Being/Da-Sein”< the philosophical terminology. I couldn’t escape! My mind couldn’t process the ideas that it was conceiving. I went out into the backyard by a large tree where I just wanted to die.That didn’t work. It became real eerie outside. I went back in the house and laid down. I had the feeling that I was at a mysterious place that didn’t accept my presence. As if I were at the edge of the garden of eden. It was as if I was being “put in my place”, for asking questions about life that were none of my business. I spent a good 30 minutes chanting “I’ll be good, I won’t ask anymore”. Then, I took a shower by the hardest! I sat in the stall with the water falling on me. I felt that if I stayed too long I’d wash down the drain. Man it was weird. I got grounded again. I took a 1mg xanax and started drinking plenty of water. I knew that if I drank, it would process the psilocen faster. I came down a bit. My dog helped me to ground myself. He sensed something wrong, looked at me in apparent acknowledgement
of my situation, and barked a small, I swear he knew.
My other dog stayed out of it, as if he knew also, but was letting the older one take care of me. All in all it was the most intense experience of my life. Tripping alone can be very
Satisfying and scary at the same time. Not many trip alone, and not everyone should unless they are confident and experienced. The misses would have freaked out if she was there with me. Next time I’ll lower my dose. 2.75 whooped my ass compared to the 3.5 I did the previous time. One never knows how it will hit you. I do know that anyone less experienced than myself would have lost it. It wasn’t what I would call a bad trip, just EXTREMELY intense. Be careful folks!


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