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Almost Tragic

Hi, I have news.

Hi, I have news. I did something so stupid that I don't want any one else here to go through what I went through.
It all started well enough, Between four people we had about 15 grams of dried cubensis. I ground them up in a coffee grinder and added them to a picher of orange juice.
The stupid thing I did was take two level teaspoons full of syrian rue. I did not weigh the rue or anything cause I guesse I thought I knew what I was doing and did not have much respect for the rue. I consider myself a fairly bright guy, I am 31 years old. I waited about two hours before we did the orange juice/ shroom concoction, it waited it the fridgerator, We had to wait because somebody was a sleep and we had to wait for them to get up. In the mean time I could really feel the rue kicking in and could almost see stuff out of the corner of my eye on just the rue. I suppose what I took must of been between four to six grams of rue. I really didn't expect anything horrible was going to happen. I have done a some reading about rue, what not to eat while your on it and so forth. blah blah blah... I did not take it seriously though. Well it got to be time to drink the concoction, I stirred it up and poured four glasses. I downed mine first, every one else took a little while to drink it... I knew I was in for something really big right away because I could see these big white lines bouncing off corners of every thing ... This kinda got me worried and my heart started pounding. Then things just went to hell and a hand bag... It felt like balloons were blowing up inside my head, my heart was beating so hard I thought I was going to have a fucking heart attack. I could hardly stand to walk around. I could not breath, I had to go outside to catch my breath, I was so scared. I mean really scared for my life. And I have a wife and a little girl to take care of, What if I died? I did not want to call an ambulance and I think you know why... This went on for about two and a half hours... Man! Shit... I will never ever do that fucking rue again. I am telling you for a fact it is really bad bad bad! stuff. I was really fucking terrified for my life... I think if I had done any thing wrong while this shit was going on I probably would have died, and I am serious. I am never going to trip again incidentally, I have too many more important things to do in my life. So, if you were thinking about getting some of that crap DO NOT DO IT!!!! There can be very severe consequences, for not respecting it, for taking to much.
I am so thankful to still be alive, like you can not even imagine. I thank the Lord Jesus Christ to still be alive.
Amen. Peace to ALL...

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