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Aliens V.S Predator V.S Me

Ok so this is the first time I actually tripped on shrooms.

Ok so this is the first time I actually tripped on shrooms. I had taken them before this but never felt the actually effects. The one time I had take them before that I just wouldnt stop laughing but I saw no visuals, so basically I had no idea what the fuck to expect.
So im smoking with like 4 of my boys in this kids car. Hes like Yo E( thats me) I got some really good shrooms do you want? I was like yea, I had like $100 so I asked how much and he said 40 for an 8th. I didnt want to buy it for 40 cause i had always got it for 30. I asked why so expensive and hes like THEY ARE REALLY INTESNE IM WARNING YOU. I was like fuck that sell me a half 8th for 20. He said ok. Honestly i didnt think a half 8th was gonna do shit but watever so a couple hours pass and im with my boy Jay. I told him i was gonna shroom and asked if he would watch me to I wouldnt do some dumb shit.
Time passes i get a bag of weed and were in these woods right across the street from the movie theater. Right before we went to smoke we both bought a ticket to see Aliens Vs predator. The dumbest decision ive ever made. Now I love all the predator movies so i wasnt expecting anything out of it. So back to the woods, i eat them half 8th mad quick and start smoking out of my bowl with Jay. We finish the weed and walk to the theater to wait for the movie to start. There was like 45 mins till the movie started and we ended up seeing some other kids we knew there. I was like yea i just took some shrooms. All of them were like, why the fuck are you seeing a horror movie then? Seriously i started laughing like i was the expert like yea dont worry.
So the movie starts and 15 minutes go by, nothing. Its been like an hour and I assume that they are not gonna kick in. I actually start dialing the kids number for the rest of the shrooms cause i just really wanted to trip then all of the sudden i could of swore i saw something change shape really quick. So i hung up. Nothing for 30 minutes then after that it got fuckin weird. It just hit me that I had no idea what the hell was going on. I was waching the movie but all it was to me was talking and moving shapes in a box. The peoples face were outlined with a rainbow almost. There is this old dude in the movie and if ya watch it. Go to the part where he is explaining to all he archalogist what they are about to do and what they discovered. This old mans wrinkles on his face just fuckin duplicate and start moving around like snakes.
So at this point im just lettin it all happen watchin as the faces mold around like jello. Then they go to a scene where the predators knives like shoot out of his arms and make this loud ass noise. After that my heart started beatin really fast and everything started echoing in my ears. But i didnt like it at all. I was sittin in the second row of the movie theater because it was the opening day of he movie and there was no seats. My friend was sittin directly behind me. I told him that the movie was kinda scaring me. He ignored me.....he never tripped before so he didnt know what was going on through my head. Then the queen alien or whatever wakes up and starts growling. The noise that fuckin shit made I will never fuckin forget. It scared THE SHIT OUT OF ME and i got up and ran the fuck out screaming. All i remeber was me runnin up the aisle like bout to fall because i was seeing the floor slanted.
I get in the lobby and im just scared as hell wondering if Jay is gonna come out. The people at the ticket booth kept asking if i was ok. And i ignored them and kept closing my eyes really tight like i was fuckin petrified. They obviously thought i had pscological problems cause I looked insane. The lobby is this marble floor with weird ass shapes and im watching them dance around and swirl around my legs. And the noises i cant even explain.
Jay comes out probably a minute later but it felt like forever. He asked what was wrong. I was like JAY IM HAVING A REALLY BAD TRIP WE NEED TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE PLACE NOW. Luckly his apartment is on the same street as the theater literally like 30 feet down. We walk outside and hes complaining that i wasted 20 dollars on two tickets for nothing. But thats not what i was worried about. The sun just started goin down and i remeber myself saying. HERE IT COMES! THE DARKNESS. Jay was so fuckin confused he never saw me like that before. He kept asking if i was ok but that question only made it worse. Cause i had no fuckin idea what was going on and by that point im askin myself like is he right? am i ok? and it started buggin me out.
We get to his aparment and his room is fuckin sick. It has a picture of atleast ever rapper you can think of, R&B singers and just mad popular people. Well we get there and im still scared. I lay in his bed and i remeber all the colors started gettin really dark and i just felt like I was at a level of being so scared it couldnt get any worse. I remeber i couldnt move from the bed and i thought i was poisoned. Then i dont know where i got it from but im convinced im dying. I felt like i wanted to cry to bad but i didn want Jay to think i was acting like a baby so I held it in. He told me to sit in his chair and watch Tv. So i sit in his chair and he trys to fall asleep.
Before he passes out he turns the tv on mtv i think. I said Jay your Tv reception is all fucked up. He was like its fine E and started laughin at me. I was so confused i was wondering why he was laughing. i didnt realize it was me. Jay falls sleep and im talkin to him for atleast 20 minutes until i figured out the concept of sleep and then i just started laughing hysterically. I thought it was so funny.
Im watching what i think was Mtv cribs and i remeber everything looking like a gushers comercial. I was watchin there heads get big and misshapen changing colors. I remeber this one dude showin his house and i swear everything he said was all mumbled like BLAMULAMSHIMDHESHFIDBFIANDIDBNDFOSNFHO.....if ya can prenounce that. It made no sense i just started laughing. IT kept gettin more and more intesne. My feelings were switchin off really quick. Im lookin at my knees and i think there rising so im like oh no the chair is getting smaller. Then i look and the walls are moving in and im like NO WAIT IM GETTING BIGGER!!?? IT was so weird and i kept debating what i was seeing and got no where with it. I start lookin at th walls and theres a poster of snoop dogg. Yea well my dumbass starts talkin to snoop, like yea i wonder if ill ever be sane again? Just askin him questions like hes gonna answer me. Then this comercial comes on and its some like hardcore rock guy playing guitar on a mountain of skulls. It bugged me out and i changed the channel as quick as i can. After that im watchin this fat girl telling a story about god knows what and her face just kept molding around changing to a weird color of blue. I remeber everything was blue for so long. Then this was the outer body experiance.
You tend to drift off. I was just out there i cant explain the feeling, only people who have tripped know. I snapped back into it hearin Jay saying DO YOU THINK YOU ARE THE AIR CONDITIONER? I was leaning against it and when i drifted off i startd making the humming noise that it made and startd shaking my whole body. It all made sense i really did think i was th air conditioner. It was so weird to me and im just starin at it like HOW DID THAT JUST HAPPEN? Then i made a weird noise with my mouth, and everytime i made the noise i saw a burst of color in thin air. i did it atleast 50 times Jay said. I can go on and on but it just gets really dumb after that cause seriously nothing made sense. I start coming down and ask Jay if he wants to get pizza. We walk up to the place he gets a slice but i only get a coke. I dont know why i guess i lost my apetite. Im drinkin in and it is the weirdest feeling just sliding down my throat. I was playin with the can to much and spilled it when there was like a quarter of the drink left. Jay called me a dumbass and cleaned it up. I said i had to go home, and asked him to sleep over cause i really didnt want to walk home alone. He said he couldnt.
The walk begins. I cross the street and theres a car coming, i just get like hypnatized by the lights and then remeber it honkin really loud so i started running and it just barley missed me. I was fuckin dumbed out. I dont even know how i got home ok.
I get there and i guess one of my clocks is wrong and it says 9:00 and I wouldnt excpet it because all my lights were out and no one was up. I was confused why everyone was sleeping so early. I wasnt seein anything at this point i was just really really dumbed out and had honeslty no use of my brain. I saw my dog sleeping and i thought if i pet her she wasnt gonna move. I was convinced she was dead. I pet her and she got right up and i was so happy. I spent probably 20 minutes staring at my dog pettin her just saying, i bet she has more sense then i do now. I go in my room and look at the clock. 3:00....then it hits me, what the fuck does that mean? Im starin at the number but i really couldnt figure out what it meant. I couldnt even say 3 i just remebered what it looked like. I was like fuck im always gonna be like this now. Then i hear my mom outside my door. She was sayin that there was a phone call. I knew if i went out there she would see I didnt know what was happening so i just pretended i was sleeping. I kept sayin queitly leave me alone leave me alone. Then i fell sleep
Woke up the next morning.....wow that shit was fuckin insane. I dunno it was a good and bad experience but to you first timers out there DONT EVER SEE A FUCKIN HORROR MOVIE.

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