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Alien Architecture

I was at school last night till about 10:30 pm.

I was at school last night till about 10:30 pm. I was feeling a bit shit-out because I smoked my the last of my choof. Anyway, at about 10:45 pm, i rang this guy that i knew and wanted to find out if he had some of the stuff left, anyway, he told me that he hasn't any and told me to give him a call on Monday. I told him to get fucked and demanded to come over to his place, because I knew that he would have had some anyway. Well, just as i expected, he had a lot of choof left. I told him that being a friend, I'll pay double. Well, since he was so fucking smashed, i decided to stay awhile and started smoking the choof that he had.

About an hour later, i was so fucking high that the room was going into a spinning spree... The phone rang and it was tis cunt who had the stuff that only a true lover of pychedelics
would have. He told us that he had a lot of Darwin grown shroom and i told him to come over. he came over, because i knew whenever there's money involved, he'll fucking come, no matter how late it is.

I looked at the time and it was almost one in the morning. He came at about 1:30 am and after we exchanged the shrooms with my money, I looked at it, and it some sort of reminded me of those chinese mushrooms that i ate a long time ago.

I mixed it with a pint of orange juice, and some ice-cream. My friend was so fucking smashed, he could not even speak properly ( from the choof )... anyway, about 15 minutes after consuming the shrooms, I started to feel a bit funny, and the i looked at a poster of maddona and she started to warp and changed shape.

Well, well, well, i say, that's more like it. So isat in there and tole myself that to enjoy this trip, i better consume some more and be ready for anything. Well, that's what exactly what i did. then it happened. The whole house was warping and i started to wonder if all this was real. The walls started to bend down towards me and i got a bit scared because i thought that it's gonna touch me...

Anyway, i started to look at something else and the thing that caught my attention was this funny looking glasss that was on the table. It started to melt and this small man came out of all this confusion. He started to talk to me in a very tiny voice, until I grab hold of him and he started to melt into me and became one. I then realised that actually that little man was my innner self. He was telling me about things that i should do and should not do. Well, that's one thing I really hate, when people tell me things like that.

Anyway, i started to stand up and looked around and I ws in a different room, or more precisely, a different world. The room was so much like an alien world. Everything was not in focus anymore. Everything was different. It was the best trip I had ever had.

Anyway, i could not go home so I had to stay over at his place. I started to walk around this strange place that I am in and kept on trying to make sense of everything.

I saw a lot strange beings with strange looking faces. I was in some kind of a city, a city which only had daylight, there were flying machine all around the place and it was quite funny because the lights and colours clouding my vision.

I looked at a building and I saw a long dead architect. Le Cobursier. i'm doing architecure by the way. ANyway, he told me that he was the one responsible for all that i see in this world. He also explained to me that there are millions and millions of other world. It was like the series " Sliders" only this one i don't need a slider machine but just a couple grams of good ol shrooms.... he also told me that just beyond his world, there's another world, almost paradise, i told him that i would like to visit this place, and he said that it's not possible because I am set to be in that world. Whatever that means.

Well, it was almost 5 in the morning and I was feeling a bit restles and tired at the same time and i told myself that i would like to explore more, but it seems that reality was starting to kick in. So, i felt a bit shy, i don't know why, and i fell asleep on the hotel lobby. I woke up in the morning and found myself sleeping on the kitchen floor. Well, my friends were saying how much they laughed at me when I started to talk to the cupboard and tried to get into the fridge. Then i talked to a cucumber, and started a fight with the microwave.

But in the end, it was a really good trip.

anyway, hope you all enjoy this trip of mine, it's not that great, but hey, any shroom, choof or acid trip is a die-for.

Thank you.

yours truly

cave man.

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