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my name is pat and i am 14 years old and april 18 was my fist time eating psilcoybe mushrooms.

my name is pat and i am 14 years old and april 18 was my fist time eating psilcoybe mushrooms. i ingested about 6 grams dried. i actually like the taste belive it or not. so lets get to the good stuff. i ate them around 830 pm and came down to my computer to wait for the magical mushrooms to kick in and believe me they did and they did quick. i started to notice alot of open eyed and closed eyed visuals. like really bright pin wheels. that kept spinning. from all of the spinning i started to develope a headache so i went outside for some fresh air boy was that a mistake. tryin to walk up the stairs was a journry all by itself the walls looked like they were closeing in on om and the carpet on the stairs looke like billions of ants. because of all the ants i saw my body started to real bad.and i actually saw the ants crawling on my body. the i spider came up to me and said he was goin to help me and he ate all the ants. si i followed him outside and he told me he had to leave or he would be late. so i said ok and bye.but i noticed he drooped something that loooked like a pinwheel(the ones i was seein early).by the way prior to eatin the shrooms i watched alice and wonderlan w/ my lil bro. so outside it was really warm and the moon was full and there was light shower occassingly some lighting but no thunder. so outside i look up at the stars and they look like they are spelling thing out to me. like follow me and stuff. and they were makein arrows. so i followed not knowin where i was goin at all. the moon looked like it was morphing into the sun and for a quick instance it got real bright. then dark then bright. so then i decided i was goin to go up stairs because mosquitos were everywhere and there buzzing noise was killin my eyes(thats a funny thing because i thought my eyes were for hearing and ears were for seeing.im my house now i go up to my room and i turn all 6 black lites i stole from spencers. my hole room is covered w/ black lite posters of mushrooms and triipy shit.so i look at this one poster and it was of the catapillar from alice and wonderland smokein the bong. so i go up and stare at it and the little mother fucker starts talkin to me and shit. hes like u should of followed the spider and u could be here w/ me. im like shit man i i come over now he said nope too late u blew it. then all of a sudden my pink floyd cd just turns on(dark side of the moon) si i lay down and i have black lite posters on my ceiling. so im just layin there and the celing is deffientlty alive i could see it bresthing. but it looked like it was dieing. that when everything went bad. all of the sudden pink floyd u no that part where it gets all scary. well i though i was dien i was not controlin my breathin the music was. my hole entire body my thoughts were controlled by the music i couldnt conrtol any thing. then i stood up and looked at my chest and i saw right threw to my heart which kept getting bigger the finnaly exploded and then on the cd some sweet acoustic guitar was playin and i thought i was in heaven. because some how i ened up outside lookin at the stars which were so trippy i cant even explain it.
so much other weird stuff happend that IS inexplainable. so the next mouring i woke upand i felt so good.

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