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I experimented with most Psychedelic drugs (and other drugs) during the late '60s and early '70's.

I experimented with most Psychedelic drugs (and other drugs) during the late '60s and early '70's. Some of these trips were extremely intense. There are 26 plus years between my last drug experience and the one I'm about to describe. In those intervenening years I was relatively drug free, the exceptions being moderate cafeine use, very occassional alchohol use, limited use of over the counter medications and the occassional presciption for antibiotics.

A few years ago we into a new home in a sparse private neiborhood the country. My wife and I sood became very good friends with one of our neighbors in the area. A few weekends ago my neighbor (I'll call him Bill) and I found ourselves "home alone" with our wives and kids out of town. In any case, Bill invites me over for some fine wine and to try some cigars his brother brought by. After some B.Sing we started remeniscing about our younger years comparing notes on out dope taking. We weren't surprised to find out we had similar histories in the dope department. Bill said he had something to show me. He went up stairs and came back with a big zip lock bag with well over a pound of fresh mushrooms. He said his brother had grown them brought them over to show 'em off and then forgot to take them when he left. We studied the things and began wondering how much a dose was. Bill had been out of the drug scene for years too so he called his brother to get the skinny. Bill reported that about 2 grams would be about right and his brother told us to help ourselves. We nervously decided to go for it so we chopped up several pieces and then argued over what 2 grams would be. We had both taken mushrooms in the distant past and recalled the high as being mild. Each of us downed a dose. About an hour passed and nothing. Bill wanted to take another dose I wanted to wait as I thought we had we had taken closer to 4 grams but I let Bill convince me into the second dose which seemed even larger than the first. No more than 5 minutes after the second dose we started to get off. About 15 minutes after the first effects I was experiencing very powerful rushes. This was not going to be the "mild high" I remembered from the mushrooms we used to pick off cow shit. It all seemed so familiar to me. Patterns, colors, tracing, auditory halucinations and the rush! One rush after another it was fantastic! I looked at Bill to see if he was having a similar experience. He just stared at me an looked very concerned. I walked over to him and asked if he was okay. I heard my voice as if far away and with an echo. Bill said something or mouthed something I couldn't hear. I asked him to repeat what he said. Bill stood, his hair grew long, he grew a beard, then all his hair started turning white. He spoke and his mouth stretched rubber like as wide as his face. His voice was unitelligable, sounding like an record or tape being played on too slow of a speed. I knew Bill was on the verge of panic so I took him out side for a walk. It was sunset, We live on gravel roads but this evening the road was glittering diamonds. A neighbor drove by in a truck and waved. I knew who it was but they looked like an old Okie couple as they drove by, again and again and again the truck just kept passing by us over and over then vanished down the hill. Bill was staring at the sun I looked too and the sun had a cartoon face; eyes looking at us big mouth, big teeth, big grin smoking a cigar! I had never experienced this before. The exhileration and release was fantastic. But bill was still haveing a rough time. I took him on a trail so as to avoid human contact. We sat on the most incredible lichen covered rocks in a clearing of manzanita brush. Every thing was alive and moving. I became fascinated with the lichen on the rocks. The closer I got to it the more I saw. With my nose touching the rock I could see another world with mountains , valleys, lakes, oceans, clouds....I looked up to find Bill He was sitting on a rock in a catatonic state. I sat on the ground back against a rock opposite him. As I looked straight at Bill the entire clearing , Bill included began a slow spin around me. I shook my head and it stopped. Then began again. I decided to let it spin. My eyes focused on one spot and the clearing rotated with Bill passing in front of me with every rotation. Faster and faster it went around until everything blurred into colored horizontal lines. I blinked and everything stopped. I could look down and see myself from above. One look was all I wanted. I wondered how I could get back to my body? Then the thought struck me that maybe I was dead! With that thought I slowly floated down. I felt the out side of my head then the most incredible sensations! I felt air sucking in filling my lungs and then rushing out. I could feel my heart beat and my blood rushing through every part of my body. I had no idea blood surged through the body with such force and speed! Then I felt my body filling with life. Something like pouring water and filling a glass. When the glass was full I was seeing through my eyes again and looking at Bill. I got up and looked around. I saw patterns in everything from bugs to rocks to bushes to clouds. I realized with tremendous insight that everything was connected in this universe nothing existed on it's own except thought. The serenity I felt is impossible to describe. I could just exist in this state forever. But Bill moved and he was doing better but still could not speak. We walked back to the road and back to Bill's house. It was night full of stars but so bright like day. We sat in Bills living room listening to music as the effects gradually wore off. I finally walked home at 8 am still high from the mushrooms 12 hours later. I finally went to sleep at about 3 pm and woke 10 hours later fully refreshed, energized and still feeling a kind of serenity. Later, I found out that the mushrooms were some new special variety Bill's brother grew in jars. His brother also informed us that he was missing at least an 1 1/2 ounces of his product. I'm sure we didn't eat that much but whatever the amount it turned out to be the perfect dose for me. The very best experience; out the top! Bill will post his impressions on his trip in the next few day's.

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