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absolute insanity

I wouldnt say that this trip was a bad trip but it was definitley crazy.

I wouldnt say that this trip was a bad trip but it was definitley crazy. i spent almost my whole time tripping out back by the woods. i kept looking over at one of my friends who appeared to have eyes all over her face and my other friends face appeared to be bubbling and melting off. at one point in time we were walking around when suddenly i couldnt move...i looked down at my feet and my toes had turned to roots and planted themselves in the ground while thick vines started to rap around my legs and wouldnt let go. finally i could move and started to walk very quickly when i saw a car and inside were just two swirls of color that im pretty sure were people. my friends were talking to me and all though i could her them i couldnt understand them nor could i respond.Absolutley everything looked completley different than reality and nothing was recognizable. we sat down to smoke a bowl and i looked over at the trees and saw a giant picture of the inside of a kaliedescope....although everything appeared kaliedescopeish, when i looked at this i started breaking out in uncontrolable laughter, shakiness, and crying.At this point all that i wanted was to go home and lay down in the security of my own house. As i was walking to my house everything became much wider than it actually was, my body appeared to be like 40 feet wide and then my vision started to blur. once i got back to my house i had to go up the stairs. when i tried to walk up them i looked down at my feet and they were gone along with the stairs! it was as if i was walking in thin air with no feet.finally i got to my room and watched ferngully which i recommend that everyone watches when theyre trippin. During this whole trip i was insane and not even a part of this world. nothing was how i knew it and i think that that is what scared me even though it was incredibly fun.i ate the same amount that i usually eat (half an eighth) which i know isnt a lot but the guy that sold me these mushrooms did warn me of their strength.after this experience i couldnt sleep for two days and one of my friends told me that she will never forget the look in my eye.

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