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I'm gonna tell u guys about 2 trips I had which were mad.

I'm gonna tell u guys about 2 trips I had which were mad.

I was 16 and i took a handfull of liberty caps on an empty stomach. I got euphoric rushes in my stomach and spreading throughout my body. The visuals punched in.

I was in the back of a friends car being driven home. The scenery outside had become a blurr and my field of vision was being affected by patches of red and purple. The 2 people sat in front had trails of their bodys in red, green and blue, like aura's which moved with them. I got home and my mother aswered the door, turning the light on.

The light seemed like a shock. I looked at my mother & her head became almost a pink star which started rotating, however, her eyes, nose & lips did not move. I made it to my bedroom and tried turning on my computer. I played doom but it seemed to hard to comprehend in this state so i turned it off. I got into bed and turned on TV I realised the edges of it weren't straight they were wavy and moving. For that matter straight lines didn't seem to exist here! I looked at my carpet and it was filled with spiders! They weren't moving just all linked together in a perfect pattern and changing into millions of colours. It was amazing! I drifted off & forgot n e thing else that happend...

I just wanna tell u my experience with salvia quickly, we recieved some salvia in the post from a renouned "mr. pixie" and I smoked myself a huge bowl & held it. Within seconds i'd lost all motor control of my body, even down to exhaling the smoke! I saw my friend slowly disappear as i got sucked backwards into a new dimension. My body had now completely gone, i was basically DEAD! I no longer new who I was or what being a human was! I had no memory of any earthly concepts even self! In this new dimension i felt like an atom. i regressed until i attached to hundreds of other vibrating atoms and suddenly felt a bean of humaness and it was fear. I started fighting although i didn't know why and boom i was back in my body (I had layed down and suddenly came bolt upright!) trying to understand everything that had just happened! I felt my self going back again but I managed to stay consciess & tried to make a roll up to feel human again! lol

I've done many cubensis since but wouldn't touch liberty caps or salvia again now!

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