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Fun Trip

This is about my 3rd Trip on Shrooms for my 17th B'day.

This is about my 3rd Trip on Shrooms for my 17th B'day. okay It was about 11pm on Oct.29.. me and a couple other friends, made some shroom tea.. it didn't kick in for about 45 minutes.. my friend Jen was saying she wasn't high and couldnt feel nothing, but we could tell she felt it, cause she had one of those perma-grins and couldn't stop laughing at us..she kept saying my eyes we're going all weird. I was like okay.. anyways..

My trip started out laughing for a bit, then we we're watching the weirdest things on tv.. Cartoons.. haha they we're soo funny.. then the stupidest commercials came on.. "drugs are for idiots" some person on tv said.. so we all laughed at that for 10 minutes.. then Janine Started looking outside and was tripping on the clouds cause they seemed so low.. so she said "Let's go upstairs and go outside" cause well.. she wanted to touch the clouds.. so we're all like okay.. so we ran to the elevator, and it was weird.. it was like we didn't even go a! nywhere..cause everything still seemed the same.. but the door was locked so we went back downstairs in her apartment..

It seemed like we were in a little plastic box, everything was pink, and the sky was purple..everything seemed like it was moving back and forth.. It was jen's first time on shrooms so she just laughed and cleaned the entire house.. she was very entertaining to watch.. :) me and Janine just sat on the couch and tripped out on stuff... we were watching tv some more cause something caught our eyes.. The people on there were soo weird looking and everything went 3D on me... I thought everything was upside down becuase my friend had dryed roses hanging upside down, and the clock looked wierd, it was all fuzzy and smokey like.. same with the poster underneath it... while i was staring outside the window it was weird, kinda like the Beastie boys Video " what;cha want" ... everything was so bright outside.. Probably cause it was going onto 4:30am..

The trip was fun ! i know that, i just cant sit here and type it all.. we went to bed at bout 5am.. i was laying on the couch .. it was soo dadrk and silent.. I couldnt fall asleep.. so i watche the shadows on the wall .. They we're moving all over the place, and this once starting melting sideways down the wall.. then i turned my head for a second, and it was gone. I wasn't sure If there really was a shadow there or not..But I could still here Janine in the other room trippin out on stuff, and Jen fell asleep but was makin some funny noises.. :) I didnt fall asleep till about 6:30am.. the trip lasted long... musta been some good stuff :) Then i woke up and came home.. :) wow exciting huh? --JoyFul..

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