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A Walk Down the Street

I am an experienced mushroom chomper.

I am an experienced mushroom chomper. I have been for several years. Frequently I read the trip reports here, and discover that a lot of these trips occur due to 1/8 of an ounce of mushrooms, or sometimes less.

If that's the case, this was a trip to remember.

I was living in a little college town, in the Northeast. I lived in a house, in the ghetto, with four other guys. Three of us decided we were going to get some shrooms, and enjoy ourselves. The characters involved were Ben - a 21 year old college student who has shrromed a few times prior to this occasion; A.D., some random 24 year old guy we let live in our basement that has NEVER shroomed, and myself: a 21 year old college student experienced with mushrooms.

Our college ton had quite a hippie following. So after a breif hunt, Ben and I find a little less than an ounce of mushrooms, nad decide to eat them right away. We bring the mushrooms home, and the three of us just stare at the bag. A.D. starts to have doubts.

"No way, man. I don't know." But after some laughing and convincing, he was all for it. So we start by dividing the whole bag up between the three of us. That's right, a little less than an ounce. Ben eats a little more than 1/8, A.D. tries to get away with 1/8, and I am left....uh oh...the rest.

However, while theser two clowns went to get water to wash them down, I scooted some of them from my pile into their piles respectively. Ben could handle it, I know, but what would A.D. do? Oh well, it wasn't too much.

So we munch.

and munch.

Now my stomach is churning, my jaw hurts from chewing...yet I munch.

And munch.

Finally the mushrooms are gone.

We all sat around for a while pondering what we had just done. Was it too much? We just kept telling each other you cannot OD on shrooms. At the worst, you get sick. Anyway, the mushrooms start to kick in, and we all get hysterical. I mean laughing up a storm. Everything was funny. As the mushrooms kept coming on, the effects got stronger and stronger. Just then, in a slow motion voice, Ben comes up with the ingenious phrase of "Let's go for a walk."

Once the sentance was processed by my brain, which took quite a while, we were all up and at the door. A.D. didn't seem himself. Ben told us to stand back, and he slowly opened the door.

A blast of lights and darkness and noises and smells and lights and voices and wind all come rushing into our senses. We all share a look, and proceed outside.

Now it's about 7 at night. Perfect timing. We start to walk down the street, and everyting slowly fades to the surreal. I can almost "feel" my friends around me. Things begin to melt, houses seem to lean over us on the sidewalk while we walk. Then I realize, A.D. is not walking with me and Ben. Where is A.D.?

I look over, and he is walking down the dead center of the street. The way hwe was walking expressed everyone's feelings. Hard to put into words, he was walking kinda like an injured ape that had just traveled 300 miles on foot. His legs barely moved. He was hunched over, his arms nearly dragging on the ground. His eyes were so wide open, yet he appeared to see nothing. He was obviously trying to keep the bouce in his step, but it looked more like a hobble than a bounce. Now keep in mind we are still on the same street we live on. We hve only traveled maybe two blocks. Just then A.D. lets out the phrase "where are we?"

We all shared a look around and realized we were completely lost. We had no idea how to get home (even thouh home was two blocks behind us on the same street) and no idea whwere we were going. So we kept on going.

The mushroom effects were coming on so strong, we could barely take it. We stopped for a rest by this yard. There were these trees, kinda on a hill, so the roots were exposed on one side. All of a sudden , iwas peaking, and lost in the roots. I seemed to dive in. I could hear the grass growing around me. I could see the trees breathing. I could smell the colors and the noises. I was warm and cold and hot and lost all at once. I tried to look up into the sky for comfort. I collapsed on the ground. I managed to roll over to look up. Stars? I don't know. Iwas too trashed to even see, let alone see stars. My eyes were spinning in their sockets. My mind was racing.

Eventually, I was brought to by the urgent voices of Ben and A.D. We continued to walk, but a block later, we were startled again. Apparently, the electric wires had these balls on them so planes could see them. Well, we didn't know what they were for the life of us. I could hear the electricity humming. It seemed to start to work its way though us. We seemed frozen. We finaaly managed to make the journey home.

On the way home(still lost in a way) so much happened. We all died a few thousand times, unraveled every strand on DNA in our bodies, got so close to God we could see the pimples on his face, and in the end, I just turned into a field of wheat, blowing in a light breeze.

I was the wheat.

Once home, we started to come down. We did a few bong hits, then went to bed.

I wish i had more to say. But my thoughts ran so rampid so fast that I really have very little recollection of what exactly happened. It just was. I had the word maze, then it fell off and i was - well - somewhere else. I was a Shaman, I was a teacher, I was a mind reader, a mechanic, a bananna, and loner, a wolf, a cat, a person, a fool, a joker, alone, together, high, low, middle, atound, moving, still, a rock, the water, a person, a tree, a blade of grass, a wire, the air, a molecule, an atom, some wheat....and then back to me.

Needless to say, Ben and I plan to do this again in the near future.

I was neverthe same after that.

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