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A to B

It was just a regular ass friday in my boring little town that I live in.

It was just a regular ass friday in my boring little town that I live in. I was wondering about what I should do that night. I had never heard of shrooms before, all I knew about them was that one of my friends had been on them and he had shot his friend while they were hunting. Anyway, back to the story. I went out to a bonfire with a couple of people I knew. We were all sitting around drinking some brews when 3 of my other friends pulled up. They got out and we all greeted each other.

After about 5 minutes I noticed my friend starring off into the woods, and I was like "what is wrong with you?" And he looked at me and just started to laugh. He filled me in and told me that they had about 2 oz. of shrooms back at they're house. So, I wanted to do it with them. We went back to the house and they handed me a handful of them out of a garbage sack. And said eat them and enjoy. I ate the handful. I didnt feel anything for about an hour. So, very stupid of me, I went back and grabbed anoter handful. That is where I made my mistake. The night was beautiful. I will explain why eating another handful was a mistake in a minute. We walked all around the house playin ping-pong, fucking around, starin' at psychadelic posters, and just having a good time. I had never expereinced anything like it before.

This is where it gets good:

I had eaten the shrooms at about 4:00 in the morning. When light had finally shown across my part of the hemisphere, me and Nic decided to make breakfast for everyone. We went to Albertson's and got a shitload of food. I had started coming out of my trip just a little bit, and then right when we walked into albertsons I got hit hard with another begining. As we walked, it was as if I was walking over a milky lake in the middle of the milky way. Whatever that means that is all I could think of. I could see many demons pooping up around me, poking they're heads out of the water and grabbing at me. I rushed out of the store and got in my friends car. It was like Albertson's was the Devil's Lair. I tried going back in again, and started the same trip. I then rushed outside again and got back in and waited. It was weird because it was like I would go in and out of my trip. Anyway's we went back to the house and started to make breakfast. I was cooking the bacon, and the bacon was all I had at that time. I I had to get the fucking bacon cooked. I was doing things so fast it seemed like I was going at light speed and I could not stop. I looked down at my hand and I could see all these patterns everywhere all over my hands, and hair started growing out of my hands and my nails started to grow. I then entered into my bad trip. I dont know if you have ever felt like you are going to pass out, but before I do, I get this numb feeling in the back of my head, and a warm feeling all over my body.

I could hear the music start to slow down in the room, the room started to tilt, and I ran for the door, everything started to go black, all I had to do was to make it at the door. I remember getting outside and just being overwhelmed by an enormouds light. I found myself on the front lawn lawn seeing neon colors, wondering if I was going to die, wondering if I was ever going to be normal again. I was so worried that I would fall deeper into this dark deep hole forever. I couldnt move my arms, I couldn't do anything, I could not get up, I looked around scared wondering if I was going to die a slow painful death from the scorpion in the cloud above me. The sky was beating down onme slowly, I felt my breaths getting heavier, I couldnt stop from blacking out, it seemed as everything was getting darker, I couldnt stop it, I could not save my self from Point A to Point B. I went from a normal person to the enormous world of death. As I took deeper breaths trying to calm myself, it seemed as I was breathing in the surroundings around me. I looked around and saw bg green snakes crawling all over my legs and feet, I looked down at them and breathed them in. I breathed in the trees, the earth, the air. Until there was nothing left to breathe. I felt as if I was the controller of the unvierse. I controlled life, I controlled mattter, I controlled atoms, atoms of millions and millions. I was in a world of darkness. A world dark because of myself. I started to wonder if I devoured my friends, my family, my world, and realized I had. I was overwhelmed by the reality of what I had done and what I had created. A world of darkness, so dark, so cold, so lifeless. I felt myself falling, falling into my own matter, as if I was falling into myself. I did, I fell into myself, and left that dark and gloomy world with no leader, and no creator. I had left it all alone. My own universe and I had left it.

I awoke to a purple world with my 4 friends standing above me. Every breath I took in it seemed as things were getting normal again. Within about 5 minutes, I was back to normal. I burst out in tears realizing how important the world and the family, and my friends were to me.

My total conclusion on this trip was that Albertson's was my downfall, that there was no reason for me to tread onto waters that I was not welcome to. My home was my world, my universe, my keepsake. I had gone from Point A to Point B, and had returnded, like a spaceship voyage in which I was pilot.

Sorry if this whole report make's no sense whatsoever. I am just trying to put a trip into word's, in which I don't beleive is possible. But I hope some of you out there can relate to this.

Thats it.

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