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this was about my 3rd time tripping.

this was about my 3rd time tripping. i did shrooms 4 times b4 this but only tripped 3 times cause once i took only 1 gram. i got home after a sweet 16. i had about 2 8ths.i put the tv on n started eating, i must have had a lil too much to drink cuz i wus over confident n took almost both 8ths. the effects kicke din so quick this time it wus abnormal. so abnormal that i called the guy i got it from casue i thought it might of been sprayed with lsd. wen he didnt pik up i called one of my friends from school n tried to tell him wut wus goin on but i had to keep my voice down cuz my mom was sleepin gupstairs (this was all going on at around 3 am) he wasntr understanding me but then he eventually heard me wen i said should i go to the hospital. he said no anything but that. so i hung up made sum chickenm nuggets (why? i dont know) then kept walking up and down the stairs till they wer ready, when i walked back downstairs for the last time i had seen my dog ripped up some tissues. it was only about 5 pieces but it looked like 55. then i rememer sitting down wit the chicken nuggets staring at them and looking at my heinaken. i stared at the green bottle n everything became green. at this point i wus convinced it wus lsd or sumthing like that n i saw tine tiny tiny dots throughout my vision. by this time i cudnt even keep my head and i wus losing contact with myself more so than any other time ive tripped (and ive tripped once before - level 3-4) i felt if i didnt tell my mom wut i did she wus gonna find me on the floor in the morning pale and dead. so i woke her up n told her she jumped outa bed got dressed n drove me to the hospital. the whole time i remember telling her hurry before i die. the drive there she wus going threw red lights and everythiung seemed like one big streak(like when u move ur hand in front of ur face fast) when we got to the emergency room i remember walkng in feeling everyone wus looking at me which they probably were. i remember the nurse asking me questions and i said just get me on a fucking stretcher hurry (not realizing i shouldnt talk like that) she then said calm down n looked a little scared n i felt they might call the cops. they then put me on a bed n gave me an IV. they told me to sleep and i remember waking up periodically lookign around n visualizing wat i had expericned in my first trip with level 3-4 only it wus closer to 3. they got me to take a piss test, and although i wus off weed at this time they found valium. i remembered wut i did a lil later n felt shit im fucked, i kept askin myself wut did i do 2 hrs ago? did i run naked into the hospital, did i do sumthing crazy or embarassing, i cudnt remember. i then fell into a deep sleep n woke up at 5-6 am they kept me for about another 45 min to make sure i was ok even tho i insisted i wus wen i woke up. i remember walking into the bathroom to pee n i felt weird but good phsycially and mentally even tho i knew i wus grounded. when i got home i went right to bed and had the best sleep ive ever had in my entire life. probably the best sleep ill ever have in fact. i woke up like 12 hrs later n never stopped thinking about mushrooms. ive done it several times after but a year after this experience. ill never do more than 1 8th and nobody should.

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