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A revival on its way

Ok,heres the deal.

Ok,heres the deal. This is the first tim e i have seen this web site. So i didnt know that i may have a chance to talk with the same people who have the same gift as i do. And you would just know what i mean if in fact you do have the gift. THe gift i mean is the realization that the world is much bigger then in seems, universe upon universe..Where your sub consciouous will take you if you know how to let...Well, i cant exactly explain the things that have happened to me, because only a book could tell my tale, or about half a book considering ive only lived half my life or less. Well, anyway, put it this way. There are moments that had led to other moments and so on and so on. Explaing each trip is just too hard. #1. my friend and i tripped at the beach, for our first time to trip really hard. We noticed that we we catch visuals at like the same moments and things like that..well, we realized we were on the same wave length(soul mates), but this wasnt realized until about 2 months after the night at beach, my friend and i and my other went camping on my aunts farm. Dxm,lsd, herb, whippets........this was the night that changed my life forever....enlightenment came to us this night,...I was channeled...(cant even begin to explian here)..by my grandfather who followed the native american ways, the universal spirit,...I talked explainging to my firends at a rapid pace for three hours, and evertime i go thtem to understand.... BOOM energy........and we'd just know.....well, later in time, it was like i could trip with my friends and show them "what was up"...we'd have trip parties and when we'd trip we would all get the same visual and we could just transform it. The energy would just flow between us and wed just know.....we didnt have to talk in a way.................ok,........now its gets wild...the beg. of this summer my friends and i went to an allmans bros. concert, 5 of us...well, this was the first itme wed all been at a concert together knowing what we knew and what we could do trippin...well, right before the show starts, boom groups of kids wiht viles, lucky us........Now this is what we call the night we lived a dream...ok, we all strated feeling and gettin sucked in the music,..thne all the sudden my friends and i realized that this one ball of energy we had, spread to everyone in the crowd, even the people not dosed....We were spreading the energy, we were using telepathic powers, and revealing everyone in the crowds esp power, that their born wiht....well, myu friends and i danced like crazy men, but when we danced it was liek we were in exact rythm of the music.....time had passed and then my one firend and I (soul mates) both thought that we were supposed ot go on stage, so we ran up there and got stopped before the floor, but the thing is people around us were telling us to go on stage too!!! ...well this is when matt and i got sucked in......sucked into a dream,..my firned matrt was cussing and i was just walking back, we found some kids we knew, and thne my firned just rips his shirt off, and yell and starts runnin,...he became sucked in to the dream we created, i was on the threshhold, time stopped to me, for a good 15 minutes the only thought in my head was wheres matt..he went crazy because my firned and i got allmans to end wiht whipping post, because we said we wanted iut and then people behind started yelling it for us...well, my firned was lost, after the show i met wiht my other 3 i was staying with..but no matt...we stayed until every last perosn was gone,........but one thing i forgot, the whole crowd was in hysteria too, everyone was walking aimlessly after the show, noone knew that they were just suppost to get in there cars and leave,....well, no sign of our friends, well, what do we do, go tto the ho jo , back to our room smokin herb and contemplating what the fuck happened,...thinking about our firned...well, 4 hours pass, and finally we realize what happened at allmans was like the beg. of a revolution!!!!Peple around earth find enlightenment thoruhg mushrooms,peyote,lsd,etc....they realize the world is backwards..that this body they are in is just one of hundreds, all moving towards the path of enlightenment, only some get there each lifetime ................well, back to story,...our friend was in the hospital, WORST POSSIBLE PLACE he could have been,........us still tripping as hard as ever, had to go to the hospital....it was a dream...the situation of our night would only happen in a dream but it happened to us,...and in the hosp waiting room i was flipping thourh a mag and a ad that said on it REALITY IS A DReam was on the page. blew my mind,.........matt was in there because this is what happned, he tried to get into a truck wiht people in it...they would let him in so he hopped in the back,.....falls out at 40 mph a hour,....no breaks (bones), not dead, a miracle,...........a dream........well, phish raleigh 2000, same thing happens but this time we deal with it bette,r everyone around us was talking to us without moving there lips, ...we talked back, but then people actually tried to talk to me and i wouldnt talk back i couldnt but i didnt knwo why..well, it fetl like the bands knew both times....all i can say is that this is just the first two concerts weve been to...its only gonna get crazier......and this now..........anyone who feels life is a continuous loop of deja veu, and wants to talk wiht me.........func50@hotmail.com...........I sure would like to talk wiht someone I have never met but with me knowing that we're on the same plateau............peace

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